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Extended SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL Trailer Featuring More BGM Goodness

There’s a little over a week left before Sailor Moon Crystal makes its debut, and to keep the fans’ chops wet, Viz Media has released an extended subtitled trailer that features some of the new anime’s music.

Prepare to have your heart filled with the BGM excellence in the trailer below :

The new background music has a lot more chanting than its predecessor, which if my memory serves correctly, featured a lot more piano rifts and female pop vocals. I’m just hoping that the English dubbed version features the same sort of tunes, especially since the original anime’s soundtrack still manages to be part of my playlists.

Sailor Moon Crystal premieres July 5, with new episodes airing on the first and third Saturday of every month. Are the enchanting tunes of the show sounding like music to your ears? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I Just Hope That Sailor Moon Crystal Will Be On CN Next Year.

  2. Flames says:

    My inner 7 year old is going nuts right now!!! 

  3. Moonie5011 says:

    If you are a sailor moon fan join