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Exploring the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes

The game’s afoot! Fans of the enigmatic detective Sherlock Holmes can now become even more immersed into his fictional world with the new traveling exhibition, The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes. The exhibit is winding down its ten city tour and is currently up and running at the Discovery Cube Orange County. The Sherlock exhibit is incredibly detailed with twists and turns at every corner, bringing all the visuals from the books to life.

Once inside the exhibit you are given a notebook to record your clues. Utilizing observation and science, you get to become a problem solver and are sent on an investigative journey to solve a crime. There are also original manuscripts and tools that were influences on Conan Doyle when creating Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock exhibit cube-06122015

The galleries in the exhibit are broken down into five parts:

Dr. Conan Doyle Study
Conan Doyle, a scientifically educated physician, was a curious and tireless investigator his entire life. Guests will discover his world beginning as a medical student to full-time author. On display will be an original manuscript, letters, and illustrations through which guests will gain perspective on the experiences that influenced the creating of Sherlock Holmes.

Science and History
Sherlock Holmes solved mysteries using observation and solid scientific experimentation, something real-world detectives had not fully embraced. Guests will participate in experiments of their own by exploring the developments in science and technology in the 1890s. The exhibition digs into real forensic studies in order to demonstrate the link between the Sherlock Holmes stories, detective science and the world of today.

Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street
Guests will visit Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson’s sitting room at 221B Baker Street, London, where their investigations began and concluded.

Become a Detective
Guests will exchange the museum map for a book of clues to solve a remarkable murder. Using keen observation, guests will crack a new Sherlock Holmes mystery written for the exhibit.

Culture of Sherlock
Pop culture enthusiasts will enjoy the exhibit’s final gallery, with a robust collection of all things “Sherlockian”. The gallery includes vintage Sherlock Holmes-themed card games, comics, and movie and television show props and costumes. Featured are hero props from the Warner Bros.’ current Sherlock Holmes movies set, alongside costumes, props and behind the scenes tools from the hit CBS television shows Elementary and BBC’s Sherlock. The exhibition offers the most comprehensive display of Sherlock Holmes as portrayed in popular imagination since his creation.

Sherlock clue-06122015

The exhibit is thoughtfully detailed and visitors can expect to be consumed by the world of Sherlock Holmes with all the unexpected clues around every corner. Little things like museum staff dressed in Holmesian attire, or engaging guests by talking about handwriting analysis is what makes this exhibit so immersive and wonderful. You can easily spend a few hours walking around just this exhibit alone, to gather all the clues and take in all the fanciful set design.

If you’re squeamish, you might want to move along past the very realistic blood splatter testing in the “slaughterhouse” or pass by the “drag a dead body” experiment. Kids will love it, adults may be slightly horrified.

The history of Sherlock in pop-culture area was a fun look back at all the great actors who portrayed the literary detective. I spy with my little eye, Robert Downey Jr., Cumberbatch of course, and a familiar Vulcan named Leonard Nimoy.

The exhibit runs through September in the new expanded 44,000 square foot wing of the Discovery Cube Orange County, then moves on to Denver where it opens in October later this year.

Check out photos from the exhibit in the gallery below and let us know in the comments, who’s your favorite version of Sherlock Holmes?

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes is not included in general admission fees. Price for the exhibition is an additional $10 per person. Tickets are available at Discovery Cube OC or online at


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