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Experience THE WOLVERINE Multi-Touch eBook Available On iTunes

Hey bub, are you excited about the upcoming digital release of The Wolverine? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that Twentieth Century Fox has gone above and beyond the claw to expand on the film’s universe with a brand new multi-touch eBook.

Themed around four of the movies most memorable fight scenes, the eBook aims to expand on the movies plot by offering a robust amout of extra content such as:

·       “More than 50 pages of content”

·       “Extensive film and behind-the-scenes footage, along with photos and Easter eggs”

·       “95% original written text and exclusive narrative writing”

·       “Pre-visuals and 3D content”

·       “Multi-media Rich Interactivity: Nearly every page contains a video, keynote animation, scrollable text, hidden gem, or audio icon”

·       “iBooks Author Interactivity: Scrolling text blocks, hi-res full-screen image galleries, pop-ups with additional text and photos to drive the experience”

·       “Easter Egg Exclusive Content: allows readers to dive deeper into the world of Wolverine as they discover hidden, exclusive content”

·       “Interactive Blueprint Images: use the built-in iBooks Author Interactive feature to a pan-and-zoom experience to dive deep into the Suppressor Beetle”

That’s quite the decent amount of extras, especially considering that it’s all being offered free of charge. If you have a Mac or an iOS device, you can go here and download the multi-touch experience right now. The Wolverine is slated to land in homes on November 19, so you’ll have plenty of time to sort through the extras before the main event hits your television screen.

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