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Exclusive: WeLoveFine Assembles an AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Fashion Collection

There are moments when I have to be honest with myself, and in those moments, I have to admit I probably don’t want to be a superhero—not like Black Widow, Captain America, or any of the Avengers. It’s a lot of work and responsibility. Maybe I could be a part-time superhero? Then on my days off I could keep up appearances with WeLoveFine’s brand new Age of Fashion collection. Inspired by The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the line features tieback tanks, a Dolman shrug, tunic tanks, and back tanks showcasing almost the whole team (sorry, Hulk).

The Age of Fashion has super comfy looking Marvel superhero offerings–no spandex here. You can choose from the following items: a Black Widow tieback tank, an Iron Man tieback tank, a Captain American Dolman shrug, a Hawkeye mesh back tunic, a Thor Georgette back tank, or a Loki Georgette back tank. If you purchase the whole line-up, you can dress like a different hero six days out of the week and that’s pretty awesome. Retail prices start at $26.




Visit the gallery below to get a better look at each item in the Age of Fashion collection! Everything is available for pre-order at WeLoveFine as of today, and the expected ship date is May 8. That means you’ll be able to dress like an Avenger for your second, third, or tenth viewing of Age of Ultron.

Which tops will you be adding to your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Photo shoot credits:
Photos by: Greg DeStefano
Produced by: Meredith Placko
Makeup by: Erin Nakashima
Hair by: Cici Andersen
Styling by: Michelle Nguyen and Yume Lee
Art Directed by: Catherine Elhoffer

Modeled by:
Black Widow Tieback Tank: Meredith Placko
Captain America Dolman Shrug: Alicia Marie
Iron Man Tieback Tank: Chloe Dykstra
Hawkeye Mesh Back Tunic: Anastasia Washington
Thor Georgette Back Tank: Michelle Nguyen
Loki Georgette Back Tank: Yume Lee


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