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EXCLUSIVE: WE’LL NEVER HAVE PARIS’ Official Trailer is Here!

Feelings: the most complicated, mystical, elusive part of our being as humans that are alive. We have so many of them! Sometimes they even conflict one another or lead you down a path unintended. Like what happens to poor Quinn and Devon here in Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne’s We’ll Never Have Paris. And wouldn’t you know it: we’ve got the exclusive trailer premiere for the film right here!

Starring Melanie Lynskey alongside the aforementioned Helberg and Zachary Quinto — who plays Helberg’s best friend and official real-talk smack-down giver — We’ll Never Have Paris tells the very nearly true-to-life (or at least, inspired by true events) story of Helberg’s real life attempts to propose, leave, and try to win back his now-wife, Towne. The film also stars Maggie Grace as the romantic interloper in their relationship. Because every good relationship movie needs a little bit of emotional conflict, right? Figuring out how you feel is hard, but it’s extra tough when there are other people involved.

And as luck would have it — and we’re all incredibly lucky ’round these parts — our very own Brian Walton (you know: that guy who’s the editor-in-chief?) did a fun lil Q&A with the stars and creators of the film back in May. Talking about winning back “the one” (to hilarious effect) has never been so interesting, has it?

Hit the links to find out more information about We’ll Never Have Paris (Twitter and Facebook) The movie hits theaters on January 22, 2015.

What do you think — will Devon and Quinn find their way back to one another? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

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