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Exclusive Preview: UNITY #12 & Matt Kindt’s Character Designs – Who Are the United?

Who the cuss are “The United” and why do the members of Valiant’s super team Unity have to worry about them?

This November, we’ll find out, as Valiant’s Unity #12 starts a new arc under writer Matt Kindt and artist Cafu which introduces an international coalition of superpowered types formed after all of the chaos and carnage of the Armor Hunters even. But for now, we’ve got an exclusive look at the character designs and descriptions of the four-person team, which you can see in the gallery below.

According to Valiant, the United are Gang, who controls the psyches of the dead supers that live in her mind; Ultimorte, a superhero whose abilities are based on the rubble from Mexico City, which was destroyed by the Armor Hunters; Stock, who uses mechanical hands given to him after his flesh and bone ones were removed by his controllers after he refused to fight; and The Myth, who constructs and endless array of weapons from household goods and cleaners.

In an interview with Valiant, Kindt says that a couple of things brought about The United: first was Aric’s takeover of Romania, followed by Unity’s failure to protect Mexico City from the Armor Hunter’s attack. ” The rest of the world is looking at Unity and the US and England and seeing them basically fail at protecting the Earth…or at least any country that’s not the US or England,” according to Kindt.

From the looks of it, Kindt’s got them set up to pose some problems for X-O, Livewire, Ninjak, and the Eternal Warrior, a Doom Patrol to their Justice League. At least they’ll have a little help – Faith (Zephyr) from Harbingers will be joining Unity as its newest member.

Kindt is embracing the idea of Faith as the ultimate superhero fangirl (who also happens to be a superhero). But she might not like what she sees.

“Faith will get her eyes opened a little bit and see what these other guys are really like and the things they’ve been through,” Kindt says. “Baseball and football players don’t always make the best heroes…and apparently super-heroes don’t always make the best…uh…heroes.”

Unity #12 is on sale November 12.

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