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Exclusive: Preview the Return of David Gallagher and Steve Ellis’ Werewolf Webcomic HIGH MOON

Today marks the return of one of the first and still best digital comics to hit these here interwebs — writer David Gallagher and artist Steve Ellis’ High Moon, a thrilling, Harvey Award-winning horror western originally launched eight years ago via DC Comics’ ZUDA Comics. Were it adapted to film, High Moon would surely be called “Cowboys and Werewolves.” But who needs movies when we’ve got eight pages of the story available to us online via Gallagher and Ellis’ studio, Bottled Lightning Inc., with four new pages debuting every Monday and original content continuing the saga later this year? Check out an exclusive preview below, as well as Ellis’ thoughts on the project.

High Moon 3

High Moon 5

High Moon,” Ellis tells Nerdist, “is a project that I have dreamed of getting back to. It was the first comics project where I really felt like I was creating something larger than myself, a project that was always creatively challenging and one that connected with readers in a very visceral way. I created some of my best artwork for High Moon and hope to continue that trend. I loved the community of readers we built with High Moon and I’m stoked to reconnect with them and create new even more exciting stories with this world. This is a day that I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

“High Moon is a project that is so incredibly close to my heart,” said Gallaher in a statement to Nerdist. “And there isn’t a single convention or signing that goes by without somebody asking about the series. And it’s an absolute delight to bring it back to the fans who have been rabid about the return of the series.”

If you’re anywhere near Southern California this weekend, be sure to catch Ellis (who also illustrates the Better Call Saul webcomic for AMC) at the Long Beach Comic Expo, where he’ll be a Special Guest of the convention. And if you have any questions for Ellis, you can find him doing an AMA today on reddit.

High Moon is now available on the mobile-responsive, Tapastic, and Comixology; and fans can support Bottled Lightning via its newly launched Patreon Fan Club. Here’s the official synopsis for High Moon:

Pinkerton agent and current bounty-hunter Matthew Macgregor investigates a series of strange happenings in a small Texas town. Drought has brought famine and hardship to Blest. The summer heat pushes the temperature to unbearable heights during the day. The nights are even worse — for the streets are haunted by strange, unnatural creatures. And even as Macgregor works to uncover the truth about the creatures, he struggles to keep his own supernatural nature a secret.

High Moon

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