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Exclusive Preview: ABE SAPIEN # 28

Abe Sapien was once one of the B.P.R.D.’s most trusted members and a true friend and companion to Hellboy, the World’s Greatest Paranormal Investigator. Together, they went up against world ending threats and horrible abominations that threatened mankind.

But those were the good years, especially when compared to what’s happening now. Hellboy is dead (and in Hell!), and Earth is rapidly becoming an unrecognizable place as unnatural disasters and monsters wreak havoc across the globe. Perhaps no one more exemplifies the new world than Abe Sapien himself. Much to Abe’s horror, he has been repeatedly told that he will play a large role in the coming apocalypse, whether he likes it or not! And Abe’s body has mutated into a new shape that more greatly resembles the very threat he was dedicated to stopping.

Now on his own, Abe’s search for answers has brought him to Florida. And in Nerdist’s exclusive preview for Abe Sapien # 28, Abe is forced to reflect on all of the times that he has been warned about his dark destiny, even the time that Fénix shot him to prevent his rise as an agent of the apocalypse. But considering that was the incident that led to Abe’s mutation, Fénix may have only made things worse.

Abe Sapien

At long last, Abe’s quest for answers may be coming to an end. Someone in Florida knows specific details about the role that Abe is meant to play in the days to come. But first, Abe will have to get past a horribly mutated bear and other monstrosities that have emerged since the disaster in Florida. Like Abe, the world is changing in strange and frightening ways. And it may be far too late to stop Earth’s inevitable slide into the apocalypse.

Mike Mignola and Scott Allie co-wrote Abe Sapien # 28, with Max Fiumara as the artist of the cover and the interior pages, and Dave Stewart as the colorist. You can read the first five pages of Abe Sapien # 28 in our gallery below before it hits comic shops everywhere on Wednesday, November 11.

What did you think about the preview for Abe Sapien # 28? Let us know in the comments section!

Image Credits: Dark Horse Comics


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