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Exclusive: Oh My Disney Charts the Skills of Disney Men with Helpful Infographics

Over the years, Disney has introduced the world to all manner of animated men: spellbound Beasts, dashing princes, goofy ice-slingers, smoldering scoundrels, street rats, and everything in between. Just like with Disney’s princesses, the male characters have evolved into something modern and new. And whether you loved them, hated them, wanted to be them, or sang songs to the air as if they were right in front of you (what, just me?), you probably have some feelings about these dudes.

Luckily for you, Oh My Disney, Disney’s resident pop culture blog, is on the case. The brave men and women over at Oh My Disney took Snow White’s Prince, Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty), Prince Charming (Cinderella), Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid), Flynn Rider (Tangled), Kristoff (Frozen), Hercules, Shang (Mulan), John Smith (Pocahontas), Prince Naveen (The Princess and the Frog), Beast (Beauty and the Beast), and Aladdin, analyzed the data, crunched the numbers, and came up with these handy infographics of your favorite fellas.

We’ve got an exclusive look at the first batch right here, but make sure you head over to Oh My Disney for the breakdown of the Disney men’s skills, pets, sidekicks, and more!

(Click thumbnails to enlarge.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some singing to do.


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  1. Emilise says:

    Are you guys only talking about the first movies?Because all of these people got married:-Cinderella+Charming (end of movie)-Ariel+Eric (end of movie)-Tiana+Naveen (end of movie)-Rapunzel+Flynn (mentioned at the end of the movie, shown in Tangled Ever After)-Mulan+Shang (end of second movie)-Jasmine+Aladdin (end of third movie)Who are you counting as engaged?