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Exclusive: Mondo Unveils BLACK SWAN Vinyl Art Ahead of MondoCon in Austin

Mondo just gets it man. We have a very special place in our hearts for the Austin-based art gallery and boutique, because they have a pop-culture Midas touch, and everything they do, from vinyl releases to custom posters to figurines, makes us drool.

Today is no different: ahead of their announcement for MondoCon 2015, which will take place October 3-4 at The Marchesa Hall & Theatre in Austin, the homies at Mondo have unveiled brand-new vinyl and art for the score of Black Swan. BLACK SWAN_gatefold-variant-disks (art by Sam Wolfe Connelly)

I have the heebies just looking at this beautifully disquieting gatefold art by Sam Wolfe Connelly. Pressed into two clear 180-gram vinyls, one with a white swirl and the other a blue swirl, Clint Mansell’s twisted take on Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake unfolds the way it was meant to.

Check out Connelly’s album cover below, and get in the mood to screen this film down at at MondoCon:

BLACK SWAN (art by Sam Wolfe Connelly)

This year’s MondoCon looks as good as it ever has with a veritable smorgasbord of panels, events, and screenings packed into the weekend following Fantastic Fest. Whether you want to peruse the Death Waltz discography at a pop-up record shop, hear the creative minds behind Mondo discuss how they decide which projects to undertake, or behold an art installation as it happens in real time, there is something for everyone.

Below I have included a more detailed list of panels and events that Mondo will be hosting this October in Austin. We hope to see you fine folks down there!

Mondo Talk 
Mondo Creative Directors discuss the creative process behind Mondo’s work, showing how the team works with artists to arrive at final images. The panel will include a presentation of alternate concepts and a look at some of the biggest releases of the year.

The Art of Toys and Collectibles
A behind-the-scenes look at the Mondo collectibles line with Creative Director of Toys/Collectibles Brock Otterbacher & a number of special guests. This panel will give fans a look into the toy making process along with a few upcoming release teases!

Pop-Up Record Shop
Continuing in the tradition of this year’s Audyssey pop-up record shop, Mondo & Death Waltz Recording Co. are pleased to present the premiere destination for soundtrack collectors to pick up the latest must have releases. We have returning favorites from last year as well as some amazing newcomers. Mondo & Death Waltz will be carrying selections of our favorite titles from our friends at Data Discs, Milan, One Way Static as well a huge selection of curated European titles imported specially for the event . Other labels in attendance manning their own tables and ready to interact with fans include Tiger Lab, Milan, Light In The Attic, Waxwork Records, Terrorvision Records, Lunaris Records, Ship To Shore Records and Strange Disc.

William Stout Career Retrospective
MondoCon welcomes back the legendary William Stout for a look into his incredible career, which includes design work on over 35 feature films – both Conan the Barbarian films, The Hitcher, Invaders From Mars, First Blood and Return of the Living Dead.

Soundtrack Panel 
Record Label Manager Spencer Hickman & Production Manager Mo Shafeek discuss the creative process behind Mondo & Death Waltz’s soundtrack releases. The panel will also include insight into the production process of Vinyl manufacturing for independent labels. Featuring special guest panelists from various other soundtrack labels, distribution and authorities of the medium, as well as announcements and artwork reveals of forthcoming soundtrack releases.

Vacvvm Artist Panel 
Members of the illustration collective THE VACVVM discuss the advantages of working with each other, the synergy of a collaborative artistic environment and share information about projects past and future.

Umberto ‘Pieces’ Live Score Event 
Grindhouse in conjunction with Death Waltz Recording Company presents UMBERTO – Pieces Live Re-score.

In 2012 Matt Hill (Umberto) was commissioned by the Glasgow Film Festival to re-score the 1982 splatter film PIECES and perform it live. The re-score was eventually released on vinyl and CD with the title The Night Has A Thousand Screams and has only ever been performed again at Beyond Fest in 2013… UNTIL NOW! To celebrate Grindhouse releasing PIECES on Blu-ray, we are stoked to bring Matt out to MondoCon to perform his re-score to PIECES for one final time. If you haven’t seen the film, you’re in for a treat. PIECES is one of the most outrageous and legendary of all the low budget 80’s splatter films; it’s over the top in every department, each scene more ridiculous than the last. To see it with a crowd is the best way to truly experience it.  Every attendee at the screening will receive a FREE exclusive colorway of a new Umberto 7’ due on the Death Waltz jukebox series featuring two brand new unreleased tracks. We’ll also have copies of the Rock Action LP. Matt will be signing after the performance.

Toy Masters Documentary (Free Daytime Screening)
When two friends attempt to discover who created their favorite childhood action figure, they end up uncovering a heated battle for credit that’s lasted 30 years and is filled with more colorful characters than any toy store aisle. Filmmakers Roger Lay, Jr. and Corey Landis set out to document the origin of He-Man–the central character in a billion-dollar multi-media franchise–and along the way, they begin to realize that the truth may not be as simple as they’d hoped. Join them as they go from interview to interview of conflicting stories about how it all began–and try to figure out who’s lying and who’s telling the truth–in this fun, informative doc that plays like the ‘King Of Kong’ of the toy world.

Live mural painting by Sam Wolfe Connelly
Sam Wolfe Connelly will be creating a live mural throughout MondoCon to give a fascinating look into the artistic process!

Adventures In Design MondoCon in Lounge
Sit in as Mark Brickey, host of the podcast Adventures in Design, interviews MondoCon artists and guests live throughout both days of the convention.

Featured image courtesy of deviantART // AF-Studios

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