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Exclusive: Michael Bay Directed Some Second Unit on TNT’s THE LAST SHIP

With a new Transformers movie coming out in a little over a week, one would imagine the last thing on Michael Bay’s mind is television. Sure, the man produces some small screen fair including Starz’s Black Sails and the upcoming TNT’s post-apocalyptic drama, The Last Ship, but the odds have always seemed low the man would ever step behind the camera of a TV series. However, it seems that not only has he already done it, but we’re about to see it this Sunday.

In an upcoming exclusive interview with Nerdist, co-creator and showrunner Hank Steinberg confirmed Bay actually directed second unit on a key sequence in the pilot:

Steinberg: [Michael Bay] even shot second unit on the action sequence on the ice.

Nerdist: Really?

Steinberg: Yeah, that huge shootout on the ice with the helicopters, Michael shot that.

The scene can be seen in flashes during the show’s trailer, and we can assure you it does indeed carry with it the excitement one would expect from a Michael Bay action sequence.

What this could mean for a future television pilot carrying Bay as full-blown director or even just the filmmaker taking the reins on a future episode of the TNT drama is anyone’s guess, but, if you were still on the fence about checking out The Last Ship, consider this a very strong reason to tune in when it premieres this Sunday at 9/8c on TNT.

Are you interested in seeing a Michael Bay directed action sequence on television? Are you looking forward to The Last Ship? Let us know in the comments below.

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