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Exclusive Look at the 2013 Women of Geekdom Calendar

Did you ever have difficult appreciating the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar, knowing that the models involved would never likely talk to you in real life, and even if they did that you’d have nothing in common? Gee, maybe somebody could get together the capital to come up with a cool alternative…

Oh, right. You did. The most funded calendar project ever on Kickstarter, 2013’s “Women of Geekdom” Calendar is now a reality. Featuring Satine Phoenix, Dodger Lawson, Nicole Jekich, Sandy Bergeron, Jenna Busch, Stormy Piazza, Misti Dawn, Christina Janke, Dash Williams, Laura Rosado and the Nerdist Channel’s own Just Cos host Chloe Dykstra, this is a project celebrating ladies with geeky interests from all walks of life: models, actresses, writers, journalists, artists, businesswomen and more. A portion of the proceeds will be going to the Wayne Foundation, which isn’t just a cool Batman-sounding name – it’s also a charitable group with the goal of ending sex trafficking.

The calendar costs $30, but Nerdist readers can get $5 off by entering the code WOG2012NERDIST on the website. [Note: In order to use the coupon, customers will have to use the check out cart in the system. If they click directly on “pay with Paypal” without entering their information first, the option will never appear.] The current cover is for the first “Kickstarter” printing only – subsequent printings will have an alternate cover.

But enough with the words – if pictures are truly worth a thousand of each, we have an epic ahead, with an exclusive series of behind-the-scenes images and alternate takes, as well as the first-edition cover. Behold. Then buy if you wish at




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  1. Stacey E says:

    What a slap in the face to normal “geek” girls to include Chris’s pretend nerd/model girlfriend. The fact that he’s dating someone who looks like a model made him lose any nerd credibility he might have ever had. It’s a good thing he’s so pretty to look at.

  2. Matt Song says:

    That is the best calender. Ever. Yeah! In the history of calenders!

  3. Anamatria says:

    This is GREAT! I’m so happy to see such a diverse sampling of women getting into things they LOVE! Can’t wait to get mine ordered!

  4. Ebony says:

    1) Why was I not involved in this calendar??
    2) I would take a calendar of Nerdist contributors… Chris, Jonah, Matt, Kumail, etc. Clothing optional
    3) Geeky girls (like myself) RULE!!! … Just sayin’…

  5. Kristin says:

    I’d love to be a model in a charity calender. Grats to the ladies! They all look awesome!

    (Where’s the “Sexy” Geek Boy Calender?)

  6. Alex says:

    Dear Chris Hardwick,
    Your girlfriend has a picture on the internet where she is dressed as a female version of the 11th Doctor, holding a sonic screwdriver with a DeLorean behind her, and a sign giving you salutations. You sir, have just won at life. Not sure how you did it, but if cheat codes were involved, it would be selfish not to share.

    P.S. The Whovian in me wishes you a slow and painfull death. Forgive him, he’s the jealous sort.

  7. Christina says:

    Thank you all for the support! I’m super proud to be part of this project with so many other great women. And, ladies, I have some great guys in mind that I’m constantly pushing to Shaun for the manly version of our calendar. Like, pictures are being shoved into his face by a manic fangirl (me).


    Hey, Marcus! How YOU doin’? XOXO

    There, a model from this calendar talked to you. Not so weird, is it?

  8. Jessica Lauren says:

    I agree that there should be a Guys of Geekdom calendar too. While Tennant would be a stretch I bet Barrowman would be game. Or maybe a Nerdist podcast calendar? Riki Lindhome, Kumail and Emily, Todd Glass, TJ and Cash, Doug and Karen, Pete Holmes, and of course Jonah, Matt, and Chris…it would be hilarious.

  9. Marcus says:

    So the problem with Sports Illustrated calendars is that “the models involved would never likely talk to you in real life”? Isn’t that the whole point? of fantasy? and who’s to say these models would? weird.

  10. Amy says:

    I agree with Patty and Elizabeth, extra kudos if David Tennant is involved(yeah, I know, pushing my luck with that wish)

  11. Patty Marvel says:

    Soooo….we ladies gonna get a “Boys of Geekdom” calendar? There’s a few fellas I’d like to see dressed up.

  12. Shaun Rosado says:

    Thanks! We put a lot of time and effort into creating a product that would be positive, celebratory, sexy and 100% non-exploitive of the models! We really feel that there is a need to showcase the diversity of women in the fan communities and we thought this was a GREAT way to do so. Thanks so much for the kind words – and make sure to tell everyone!

    If we make enough sales, we plan on doing a Calendar for EACH Gender next year (Men of Geekdom 2014? *Fingers crossed*)!

  13. Mike says:

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I already pre-ordered the Literary Pin-up calendar (for charity too! The Worldbuilders charity, specifically) that Patrick Rothfuss is doing, I’d totes buy this.

    ( or previews here: )

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I was ready to be offended by *naughty* pictures, but this calendar is terrific. Thank you for celebrating geeky gals in a wonderful way! I am getting a calendar to support the charity, but would request that for 2014 (or 2013 if you work quickly) a guys of geekdom as well. My daughter would be thrilled.
    BTW – make that one as naughty as you like 🙂


  15. Mark says:

    I’m gonna buy this, but not with the coupon, i would feel weird about buying something for charity, and getting a discount on it.