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Hold On to Your Butts! It’s the LEGO JURASSIC WORLD Trailer

Ah, ah, ah — you didn’t say the magic word! That’s okay, though, because this morning, we’ve got a T. Rex-sized treat for you.

Warner Bros. Interactive has unveiled the trailer for LEGO Jurassic World, the latest addition to the long-running LEGO video game series that has adapted everything from Batman to Indiana Jones to The Hobbit and beyond. The Chris Pratt-starring dino epic Jurassic World hits theaters on June 12, 2015, and the game will be hitting Xbox One, Xbox 360, Ps4, Ps3, PS Vita, Wii U, Ninendo 3DS, and PC in May 2015. Much like life, video games, uh, find a way.

Developed by TT Games, LEGO Jurassic World  will bring players into a brick-filled version of Isla Nublar. As you can see from the trailer, they spared no expense. And just in case you’re a Jurassic purist, you’re in luck — the game will cover the storylines of all three original films, as well as Jurassic World. Scare the living daylights out of children as Dr. Grant! Collect precious amber filled with dinosaur DNA! And, yes, you can play as the dinosaurs! Hats off to the clever girls behind that decision because it’s about damn time we embraced our inner velociraptors.

LEGO Jurassic World drops this May. What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Dan says:

    So what your saying is Chris Pratt is going to have 3 lego figures now 🙂

  2. OrionsaurusRex says:

    I’d comment if there was a trailer to comment about

  3. TyrannosaurusMom says:


    Now, where is the trailer?

  4. paleogirl says:

    Trailer isn’t showing up, regardless of which browser I use. 🙁