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Exclusive: Kevin Smith Welcomes You to the Alamo Drafthouse (Now Shut It!)

Hey Kevin Smith fans – the director has a (Red Band) message for you if you’re headed to the Alamo Drafthouse: Don’t talk or he’ll do something (really) bad.

The Clerks and Chasing Amy filmmaker is the latest to contribute to the Drafthouse’s long-running series of pre-movie shorts asking filmgoers to turn off their cell phones and not speak during the movie. The theater chain has a strict policy whereby they’ll eject anyone talking or checking their phone during a screening.

This video, shot recently at Fantastic Fest, is maybe one of the nicest from the Alamo’s #Don’tTalk collection, which has in the past featured angry voicemails from fans who’ve been ejected from the theater to the cast of Children’s Hospital telling you to keep your yap trapped.

Smith’s Tusk is in theaters now. Read Dan’s review and watch our interviews with Kevin and the cast to see if the man-becomes-walrus horror comedy is up your alley.

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  1. Shayde says:

    Funny, but it is pathetic that it has to be said, fucking mongrels.

  2. Gar says:

    Love that guy.