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EXCLUSIVE: Is SPEED 3 Happening with Keanu Reeves?

There’s more than just cans in today’s episode of Nerdist News; there’s a whole bundle of exciting news about Keanu Reeves and Speed 3. Yes, you read that right: Speed 3. We sent our intrepid editor-in-chief Brian Walton down to Fantastic Fest where he sat down to talk with Keanu Reeves about his excellent new action-packed revenge flick John Wick, but he couldn’t resist asking Reeves about the question on everyone’s mind. No, not “When are Bill and Ted coming back?”, silly rabbit. Rather, Brian asked, “Will we see a Speed 3?”


Spoiler alert: he said yes. Keanu Reeves is on board for Speed 3: The Redemption. You heard it here first, folks. Please tell me that it’s Keanu fighting his way up to the top of a 200-story bus that can’t go below 50 MPH because that would unreasonably awesome. What makes this reaction particularly interesting though is that this marks a major tonal shift in Reeves’ attitude toward returning to the long-dormant franchise. Just last year, when asked about the potential of a Speed 3, Reeves replied, “That bus has left.” Cute, but disheartening for Jack Traven fans hoping to see their favorite SWAT officer back in action. Now, on the twentieth anniversary of the original film, it seems like he’s open to coming back.

Given the recent spate of previously reluctant stars returning to iconic roles (Harrison Ford with Han Solo and Indiana Jones, Sylvester Stallone with Rocky and Rambo, and Arnold Schwarzenegger with Terminator, just to name a few), it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that Reeves could return. Couple that with Hollywood’s current obsession with rebooting and revamping their back catalog of franchises from the ’80s and ’90s, and suddenly this doesn’t seem so crazy after all. We wouldn’t mind if they retconned Speed 2 out of official canon, though.

What exactly would a Speed 3 look like? Jessica Chobot breaks it down in today’s episode of Nerdist News, and you can also see our exclusive clip of Reeves’ reaction. It’s more exciting than finding out you have a time traveling mailbox, that’s for damn sure.

What would you want to see in Speed 3? What mode of transportation should it take place on? A SpaceX commercial passenger rocket? A bicycle built for two? Let us know in the comments below or tell us on Twitter (@NerdistNews)!

Want to know more about Keanu’s latest flick, John Wick? Our interviews with the cast from Fantastic Fest can be viewed in full right here:

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  1. Yvette says:

    John Wick probably hits home with Keanu.  At a young age, he lost his baby and then his girl was killed in a car crash.  And even though it was years ago, it probably helped him grieve and work through it.  He’s one hell of a man for all he’s been through and has come out on top.  He’s beat the odds.  He’s quite a guy. 

  2. waschal says:

    yeassssssssssssssssss. but only if Sandra is back too

  3. FleaBee says:

    Let’s forget Speed 1 and 2 were ever made and not talk about Speed 3.

  4. frank says:

    pop quiz hot shot theres gum on the bus seat and you sat in it what you gonna do

  5. Brok-Li says:

    Yeah a bomb ass badonka… I’m sorry, I can’t finish this. This isn’t where I want to be when Jesus comes back.

  6. EASchmidtE says:

    Uhm…shoot the Chobot?!  Just sayin’, that’s what they said in the movie…