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Nerdist Special Reports

Exclusive: Enter to Win One of the New XBox One Custom Controllers!

Jessica, Dan, Kyle, and I are asked to do many things throughout our days at Nerdist HQ. But when the red phone of the Nerdist overlord rings, nothing takes precedent over whatever mission comes from the other side. Chris Hardwick’s latest team assignment was a calling that only those with the thickest of skins would be able to answer. Keep that last statement embedded in your memory bank, and check out the video above for the full explanation.

PAX_DashBoard1920 x 1080

We’re pleased to present NINE custom painted Xbox One controllers themed after some of your favorite Xbox titles, as well as our very own custom Nerdist controller! It’s pretty frickin’ beautiful, right? We may have put together some pretty cool skin-tight suits in the video above (well, three of us did), but they’re nowhere near as cool as these custom painted Xbox One controllers. Did the video move too fast for your taste? Worry not, I got you covered right here:

PAX 1920x1080

Now that I have your attention, I want to let you in on something pretty rad: the folks at Xbox are throwing a very special giveaway. Will you be at PAX East? If so, you could win one of these gorgeous custom Xbox One controllers on the spot! All you have to do is snap a photo of your favorite controller when you’re at the Xbox Booth and tweet it with the hashtags #XboxOne #XboxSweeps for your chance to win. (Don’t forget to follow @Xbox to be eligible.)

But what if you won’t be attending PAX East? Well, that’s easy money, my friends! All you have to do is follow @Xbox and keep an eye out for a special tweet with additional info. When the time’s right, retweet that message for your chance to win!

Now, before you leave us, why don’t you have a closer look at these bad ass custom created Xbox One controllers:

Which one of these controllers do you most want to get your hands on? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out our brand new Xbox app!

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  1. Gregory Buchanan says:

    I would love to win one

  2. Gregory Buchanan says:

    I love to win one

  3. Gabe Cortez says:

    i need another controller because my day one edition controller passed away and those nerdiest controllers look so awesome but good luck everybody

  4. Nick Pizzi says:

    I would absolutely LOVE the Evolve Xbox One controller. 🙂

  5. Albert says:

    I want the battlefield controller

  6. Wyatt Mizer says:

    Thats fricking awesome! I would love have one of those badass controllers!

  7. Marquise Tillman says:

    My favorite battlefield game was Battlefield 3. My favorite load out in battlefield 3 was the Scar-H because it was my favorite my gun to use

  8. I want to win the Ori And The Blind Forest controller looks amazing and I love blue!!!

  9. Ron Shamblin says:

    I would love to have one of the Witcher III controllers.

  10. chris wilson says:

    Halo 5 controller

  11. chris wilson says:

    Halo 5

  12. Aaron j says:

    Only the nerdiest of the nerdiest can have the awesome custom controller because of how powerful or op it is. Xbox one for life

  13. Justin says:

    I like the Halo 5 Gaurdians controller. But in general, their all sick.

  14. Brian Main says:

    love to have any one of these.i would really love the blue one .it is my sons favorite color

  15. manny says:

    Love them all nice

  16. manny says:

    Nice love them fresh look on it

  17. Kelly says:

    Halo plz!

  18. Kelly says:


  19. Kelly says:

    Halo 5 guardians me and my husbands favorite game ever! Please! 

  20. Kelly says:

    Would love the halo ones! Me and my husband to match! Please 🙂

  21. justin barnett says:

    I want the a blue one’The best of luck to get one

  22. Will says:

    Halo 5: guardians

  23. SKIN says:

    Man I would love one of those controllers I only have boring  not need it controllers.  But if i can’t win them I’d still love to have one of those sexy skin suits =) 

  24. SKIN says:


  25. Mark Orsack says:

    Would score me AWESOME Dad points!

  26. Mark Orsack says:

    I’m a single dad raising two teen boys, I just bought them an Xbox one so it would be way cool to surprise them with something they enjoy, and I like all of you custom controllers! 

  27. Jessica Rutherford says:

    Nerdiest! For sure! 

  28. Jessica Rutherford says:


  29. Dan Phillips says:


  30. Dan Phillips says:

    I like the Nerdist one

  31. Eric Lopez says:

    I want the evolve one 

  32. Eric Lopez says:

    I want the evolve 

  33. buddy tomlin says:

    Any of them they all look awesome 

  34. buddy tomlin says:

    Any of them they all look awesome

  35. Rolando says:

    The Nerdist Logo controller looks really awesome to have in my hands.If I were to win I would be so thankful to have one of thoes special controllers.Oh and one more thing there beast ”Like a B0$$”

  36. Mikey says: