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Exclusive: DC Comics’ SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #14 Preview

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better reason to let the holiday spirit course through you than a brand new exclusive preview of DC Comics’ Superman/Wonder Woman #14, written by Peter J. Tomasi and illustrated by Doug Mahnke. The arrival of a mysterious new hero called Wonderstar may prove to be the biggest challenge yet for Superman and Wonder Woman. While it seems like he is simply seeking guidance, he remembers nothing of his past save for the fact that he feels a powerful connection to two of the strongest heroes in the DC Universe.

Superman Wonder Woman 14 - Cover

Here’s the official synopsis:

“It’s no surprise that after recent events, Superman and Wonder Woman are cautious about the appearance of the new hero who calls himself Wonderstar. But this mysterious hero seems to be asking for nothing more than their guidance in dealing with his strange, erratic powers – and for their help in protecting his loved ones and his secret identity! The only problem is that his past is a blank slate. He doesn’t know who he is, where he comes from – or why is feels a strange connection to the Man of Steel and the Amazon Warrior!”

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Superman/Wonder Woman #14 is available on Wednesday, December 24.

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  1. Andrew says:

    He’s probably gonna be their kid from the future

  2. Andrew says:

    This seems like DC taking a shot at telling their version of The Sentry…