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Exclusive: DC Comics’ BAT-MANGA 21 Has Clayface Blending In

The 75th anniversary year of Batman might be winding down, but DC Comics sure isn’t getting ready to pack in anything having to do with everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader. With over a dozen Bat-themed titles in print or on digital format, fans of Gotham’s darkest knight have a lot to chew on, and in several different types of books. One book that’s been getting people talking is Bat-manga!, a version of Batman and Robin done in the style of manga, which was released in Japan during a Bat-craze of the 1960’s, written and drawn by Jiro Kuwata. Since July, they’ve been released in English via comiXology and here we are with a look at the 21st issue, out Saturday, November 22nd.

In the second part of “The Return of Clayface,” Batman and Robin are up against that shapeshifting heathen Clayface but are running into some trouble seeing as they don’t know what form he’s taken this go-round. Could he be a child? A young woman walking to the store? A policeman? Or maybe even one of Bruce Wayne’s closest friends… That sound you hear in your head is “Dun Dun DUNNNNNNNN”

Out of context, it doesn’t make the most sense, but Clayface is turning into a giant spinning top and Pegasus to get away from and/or defeat the Dynamic Duo. That’s thinking outside the box for sure. But, if anyone can defeat him, I bet Batman and Robin could, especially with research skills like Robin has!

Bat-Manga! issue 21 is available on Saturday, Nov 22nd on comiXology.

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