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The Ultimate RICK AND MORTY “Evil Morty” Theory, Revealed!

The Citadel of Ricks came back big time in last weekend’s episode of Rick and Morty, and the show seems to finally have a big bad who can challenge Rick Sanchez: Evil Morty! It’s been a few years since Evil Morty made his first appearance on the series, and it appears that the wait may have been worth it. But has Evil Morty appeared more often than two times? Today’s Nerdist News is examining a fan theory that may change the way you see Rick and Morty!

Naturally, there are potential spoilers ahead! At least two Ricks’ worth. If you don’t want to be Morty-fied, then this is your last chance to portal outta here!

Join host and the Chobot-ist of all of the Chobots, Jessica Chobot, as she walks us through the clues of a very intriguing hypothesis. What if our Morty isn’t really Rick’s original Morty? We’ve seen first hand that the infinite Ricks seem to treat Mortys as disposable and easily replaceable. Rick C-137 is considered an anomaly because he actually cares about his Morty. That’s a “toxic” part of himself that he tried to get rid of just a few episodes ago.

Have you ever noticed that there are some inconsistencies in Rick’s backstory? We’re told that he abandoned his family for two decades, and yet we’ve seen images of Rick holding Morty as a baby…from 14 years ago. What gives? Well, the theory goes that the baby Morty in Rick’s arms is none other than Evil Morty. Many fans have come to believe that Evil Morty was Rick’s original Morty before the two parted ways. Rick has even cryptically warned that “a cocky Morty can lead to some big problems. It can be a real bad thing for everybody.” Without context, that’s just a bizarre thing to say. But if it’s referring to Morty’s less moral counterpart, then suddenly it makes a lot of sense.

The thing is, we’ve actually seen our Morty become a bit of a monster earlier this season, when he was separated from his toxic side. Does Morty have it within him to be the ultimate corporate jerk? Absolutely. And if it could happen to our Morty, then we can see how Evil Morty could be a direct result of his apprenticeship under Rick.

What do you think about the latest Rick and Morty theory? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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