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Yesterday, we gave you the scoop on Disney Interactive’s announcement of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, which was known up until then as Infinity 2.0. Now we’re back to give you the complete rundown on everything we learned about the game, from the new features Marvel Super Heroes will include, to how the original version of Infinity will play into the new title.


Let’s start off with the brand new figures, which you can view for yourself in the picture above. The Avengers are the main attraction to start things off, and will be featured in the brand new Disney Infinity starter packs when the game drops this fall. Of course, there will be more Marvel heroes announced moving forward (E3 being the confirmed time the next batch will be unveiled) and plenty of non-Marvel characters (Star Wars maybe?) being added to the mix as well.

Avenger_CaptainAmerica_2If you’re someone who has already heavily invested in Disney Infinity, you’ll be glad to know that all of your figures, toys, and power disc from the previous game will be compatible with Marvel Super Heroes, all stats and upgrades completely unblemished. Characters from the original Infinity game will be able to increase their level cap from level 15 to 20 and skills can be distributed among various attributes using the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes skill tree. Additionally, all of the user-generated stages from the original game will also carry over, even across different platforms (like Ps3 to Ps4).

The power discs look super sexy this time around, donning both circular and hexagonal shapes.The circular disc add costumes, Area of Effect attacks, and team-ups, while the hexagonal disc will give you new weapons, vehicles, and sky/terrain customizations. Just like before, the sheer look of these bad boys makes you want to collect them , see:

HawkeyeToy Box mode is back with creation tools that are much easier for folks to hop in and create with, this time around. This is a welcomed adjustment because creating a magnificent level from scratch proved to be a bit intimidating at times the previous game. Under that notion, Avalanche Software added the “Auto Creator,” which allows you to prompt the game to construct a level in an autopilot-like fashion so that you may go back and tweak the randomly generated play area to your liking. The Toy Box is also introducing structured game variants, so players can create anything from tower defense levels to dungeon crawler stages.

Iron_Man_Character_Development_MontagesJust like with the other live action characters seen in the original game, Disney Pixar-ized Earth’s mightiest heroes to get them acclimated to Infinity’s universe. I figured the combat would be tough to implement with the game being family-centric, and Marvel characters being known for their somewhat violent antics. But Avalanche Software is doing a swell job keeping the violence toned down while making the combat flashy and fun, with each character having their signature moves and special arc-types.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will launch this fall on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC and iOS this fall. You can pick up the starter pack for $74.99, the play sets for $34.99, the figures for $13.99 and the power disc sets for $4.99. Is Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes sounding like everything you ever dreamed of and more? Channel your inner-most excitement and “Let It Go” in the comments below.

And if you have any questions about Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes or long to discuss anything else gaming related, I’m only on tweet away at @Malik4play.

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