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Every Secret Hidden in the BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer

By now you’ve seen the Comic-Con Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer about one million times, and so have we. There are so many great surprises and unexpected details packed into the 4 minute clip, and we here at Nerdist have pored over every frame of the teaser footage in an attempt to eke out any possible plot points that may be hidden within. Why is Superman‘s insignia on those militia-men’s arm bands? Why is Batman branding people? Why is Lex Luthor‘s hair prettier than Holly Hunter’s?

Join host Jessica Chobot for our full analysis of the trailer, including all of our pants-wearing desert-Batman theories, on today’s Nerdist News.

Thanks for watching today’s episode, be sure to check out the latest episode of Nerdist Play from our Comic-Con laser tag, and let us know in the comments why you think Batman is getting beat up in the desert!

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