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Even Will Smith Freaked Out When BATMAN Showed Up to the SUICIDE SQUAD Set

How many actors are truly mega-celebrities, like Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio? How many actors in Hollywood reach that upper echelon where only the most famous of the famous reside? I don’t know exactly who makes and just misses that small list, but I do know Will Smith is on there. So you’d think, with his level of celebrity, he’d be immune to losing his mind like a typical fanboy by just about anything in La-La Land.

You would be wrong.

Because it turns out that no matter how many billions of dollars you’ve reaped at the box office, that no matter how many blockbusters you’ve headlined, and in spite of selling millions of albums, no one is immune to freaking out like a child when they see Batman show up in the Batmobile.

Smith was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote Suicide Squad, and he told the story about how at first he was playing it cool as just another movie, but that he turned into a six-year-old on set the first time he saw Ben Affleck roll up in the iconic Caped Crusader car.

“I was like, ‘Ben, can you sign this? Can you sign this for me?'” he said, after screaming like a teenage girl seeing The Beatles walk off the plane in New York the first time. But who can blame him?

I’d be super excited to meet Will Smith, having been a fan for over 25 years, but I’d manage to remain calm if I spoke with him. However, if the Batmobile pulled into my driveway, I’d freak out like a kid given free reign at a toy store.

So I don’t know who exactly makes up the list of mega-celebrities, but it would appear they don’t get more famous than Batman himself.

Which person, real or imaginary, would make you freak out the most? Freak out in our comments below.

Images: NBC

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