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Even GAME OF THRONES’ Maisie Williams Says THAT Guy is Dead

Another day, another denial about Jon Snow’s future (or lack thereof), this time from Game of Thrones‘ own Maisie Williams, better known to the Seven Kingdoms as Arya of House Stark.

In an interview posted by TVLine, the young actress was asked about Jon Snow being alive while walking the red carpet at the Emmy awards on Sunday, because no one associated with the show can go anywhere without being asked, and she did not hesitate with a firm answer sure to upset Watchers on the Wall everywhere.

“The answer is ‘no,’ he’s dead. Sorry. And the interview that you’ve all read that think that Kit has spoiled it is fabricated and totally false.”

Notice she was asked about Jon being alive. Jon Snow is dead. He died. The real question is, “Will Jon Snow be coming back to life?”

As for that “Kit spoiled” part of her answer, we covered that potential slip up. When members of the cast are also bringing up that story you know it’s a sensitive subject. We’re not sure what anyone expects the cast and crew to say about Kit Harington’s involvement going forward. If Jon Snow really is dead they’ll say that. If he’s coming back (he is…he is) they’ll deny it. It’s still fun to speculate, and the real interesting part here is her referencing the interview where it seemed like Harington slipped.

The interviewer also asked about the new season, and Williams said she thought of a “really good teaser” for her character: “Arya may be fighting blind.” Uh, hopefully HBO can improve ever so slightly on that one.

For all you Whovians out there, Williams was also asked about her new role on Dr. Who, and she talked about how all the predictions for her role are “wrong.” She also talked about the differences in filming the two popular shows.

What’s your best guess as to Jon Snow’s future? Swear it to the old gods and the new in the comments section.

HT: Buzzfeed

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