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EUROPA: The White House is Funding a Mission to Find Aliens!

Good news, space nerds: we’re finally gonna meet some aliens! Well, probably. This guy is definitely excited.


The White House has requested $30 million for NASA so they can go get a look at Jupiter’s potentially life-filled moon. So, today Jessica Chobot is grilling Nerdist’s very own science editor Kyle Hill about when we’ll get there, what we’ll find, and how hot we can expect these aliens to be! Wanna know the cold, hard facts? Then check out today’s Nerdist News!

Thanks for watching today’s show! Don’t forget to see Friends get rebooted on the latest Nerdist Presents, and let us know in the comments below what you think we’ll find on Europa!

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  1. badolbear says:

    I predict they will find mutant minnow people. I mean, its so obvious. 

  2. Ernst says:

    All i know is that Jessica Chobot is supper hot and she can read any news to me any time!!!!!!!Good job Jessica!!

  3. Christian says:

    WE will found aliens  World War 3 will start

  4. satori says:

    I did not know Europa had water, I knew it had liquid, but not water, thank you Nerdist. 🙂