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Eriel Indigo Shares Technicolor Video for ‘Wonderland’ (Premiere)

Two months ago, LA-based singer Eriel Indigo released “Every Little Thing,” a pre-summer pop smash that recalls the encouraging words of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”—albeit in more contemporary lingo: “Everything little thing is gonna be aight.” In her follow-up track, “Wonderland,” Indigo maintains her encouraging tone while veering down paths that are both more personal and more fantastic. The song and its accompanying video—premiered today on Nerdist—explore the colors and oddities that have always made Wonderland such an intriguing destination.

Like Alice, Indigo grew up questioning her reality. “I suppose my music and art inherited quite a bit from my upbringing,” she explains in a press release. “Sound healing and revolution are in my blood. I was raised in an environment of outlaws and I learned to question everything, all the while acknowledging our innate connection to each other, to all beings and all things.”

The “Wonderland” video is a psychedelic manifestation of that “innate connection.” “I used to dream of her shrouded in technicolor flame / a rainbow body of pure, unequivocal love,” Indigo says during her opening monologue. What ensues are variegated dreamscapes of sparkles and Indigo’s “fractured sisters of self”—women that seem to represent the many layers of identity a single person can encompass. Over the course of eight minutes, the sisters explore a “multi-dimensional map of space and time” and head down the “long cosmic runway back to each other.” It’s a kaleidoscopic fairytale full of bejeweled crowns, beautiful women, and a baby whose significance is imparted by some kind of oracle. Told with eloquent prose and a prodigious vocal hook, Indigo’s “Wonderland” is equal parts self-realizing epic and banging pop anthem.

Indigo’s debut EP, Elevate arrives on March 30, and for  a very trippy story from this inscrutable figure, check out a brief email conversation with the artist below.

Nerdist: What is the latest thing you binge-watched on Netflix?

Eriel Indigo: Fringe. I’m a sci-fi junky, and find the genre to be much more exciting and closer to reality than any mundane drama series.

N: If you could only dance to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?

EI: Midnight City by M83, because I’ve heard it a thousand times and I’m still ecstatic every time it comes on. Plus the whole video series may be the coolest thing an artist has ever created.

N: What are ingredients on your ideal burrito?

EI: EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink, please… with cheese, hot sauce, and ENDLESS limes to squeeze.

N: What are the visual references that inspired this music video?

EI: Some of this imagery came from a powerful plant medicine ceremony that I experienced; 5-MeO-DMT to be exact. Warning! Do not try this without the presence of an OG shaman and a group of other grounded seekers.

The inner adventure carried me through a state of being that I can only describe as God consciousness. It would be difficult to delineate this voyage clearly to someone who has not taken part in the experience themselves, as much of the journey is feeling based rather than purely visual. I could probably write a healthy dissertation on the thing, but that will come later. In an effort to not get too insanely wordy, I’ll just sum it up in a steam of consciousness list:

A prayer to re-balance the divine masculine and feminine

My own experiences with sentient beings

Inter-dimensional travel

Re-integration with one’s higher and lower selves

Worship of the Earth mother by her children

Balance and respect amongst all races and species

Being a light worker on Earth i.e. The Ground Team

Honoring the light divine feminine

Calling in power for change

Sacred ceremony invoking other worlds who have evolved more than we have

Elemental magic with Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning and Cosmos

The feminine aspect of God: The mother, The Daughter and The Holy Spirit

Vibrational healing

Rainbow/Light body activation

Sacred sexuality





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