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As we continue our celebration of Godzilla Week here at Nerdist, we are also giving away three copies of Mark Cotta Vaz’s Godzilla: The Art of Destruction! The book coincides with the release of Warner Bros’ and Legendary’s Godzilla and features concept illustrations, storyboards, and interviews with director Gareth Edwards and select crew and cast. In fact, it chronicles the making of Godzilla from its conception to the final product. If you’re excited to see Godzilla this weekend (and we know you are), you’ll want to get your claws on this bad boy.

So, tell us: which of Godzilla’s adversaries is your favorite? Mothra? Mechagodzilla? King Ghidorah?? For a chance to win a copy of Godzilla: The Art of Destruction, simply share your answer in the comments below. (Check out our official contest rules here. Contest runs ’til May 16th at midnight.)

Godzilla: The Art of Destruction is available today from Insight Editions.

Reprinted from Godzilla: The Art of Destruction by Mark Cotta Vaz, published by Insight Editions. TM & © Toho Co., Ltd. © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s14)

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  1. Brian L says:

    Megalon!!! ARISE MEGALON!!!

  2. Meghan E says:

    King Caesar, I love that he is a giant Shisa.

  3. Thogstacker says:

    Ghidrah. And later, Ghidorah…..

  4. Mothra for the win! But I really wish Godzilla and Gamera would go at it!

  5. Umar Ansari says:

    King Ghidorah. It looks menacing, ruthless, and has three heads. 

  6. Brian R says:


  7. Chip Kolbusz says:

    Although he was far from the most powerful foe, I always thought Gigan looked “punk” with his visor and spikes!

  8. Tony Hicks says:

    Mothra has always been mine the only other figure i had besides godzilla.

  9. Lynn Ferris says:

    Mine is a toss-up between Destroya and Kira.

  10. King Ghidora, no question. I love seeing the three heads bobbing around in the original movies like two of them are completely drunk.

  11. Mike Taylor says:


  12. Mechagodzilla!!! I just love the idea of there being a robot version of Godzilla.

  13. jerry says:

    Mechagodzilla because it was the closest thing we got to godzilla vs the dragonzord!!

  14. Andres Avila says:

    Biollante! Unique design and freaking huge!  One of the most memorable monsters that eventually triggered the creation of yet another badass monster, Space Godzilla.

  15. Matt Peters says:

    Mechagodzilla II

  16. Brian CC says:


  17. Merri says:

    My Favorite has always been Ghidorah. Two kings fighting for supreme reign?  How cool is that?!

  18. therealmikey says:

    For the serious submission I say “The Terror of MechaGodzilla”.  It’s a premeditated murder attempt on Godzilla.  Titanosuarus sets him up and MechaGodzilla goes in for the kill.  Goofy submission, Godzilla vs Charles Barkley, when he puts the goggles it cracks me up.

  19. Tim says:


  20. Chris A says:

    SpaceGodzilla, hands down. Evil dopplegangers from space are always the best.

  21. Brett Williams says:

    While it’s not considered to be one of the best Godzilla films, King Kong vs. Godzilla yields my favorite Godzilla opponent. I can remember watching that guy in that crappy Gorilla suit fighting Godzilla and being mesmerized as a child. It was the first Godzilla film I ever saw and I love it to this day. King Kong, for the win.

  22. Matt Slater says:

    Mechagodzilla, as a bold, highlighted and underlined statement that man does not understand and overemphasizes their place and significance in the eco-system.  A larger, more powerful beast threatens you; make an artificial response!  Don’t look for any meaning in the attack, or why it might be happening. We’re humans, we deserve to do what we want to this planet, and to hell if the planet tries to stop us!

  23. JD says:

    I wish it was Gamera, but I’ll just have to settle with Destoroyah.

  24. Mecha-Godzilla. His missle are fingers for crying out loud! It’s like Godzilla meets Iron Man!

  25. Mechagodzilla rules them all.  He’s the Teminator of the monsters.

  26. Nica says:

    I so wish would immediately flat out say whether the drawing is for US residents only. It’s always so heartbreaking to read up on some awesome contest stuff only to have to click to further rules and find out “hahahaha not for you!”. The site does have a whole lot of readers and listeners from outside of the US…

  27. Chuck Robertson says:


  28. Mechagodzilla rules!!!!!

  29. Mecha Godzilla is my favorite, he can go one on one with G man. Mecha G was feature many times the Godzilla movies. I just love how look so much like Godzilla

  30. Francis says:

    It’s gotta be Godzilla Junior. Cause being a daddy, ain’t a walk in the park…or stomp.