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Enjoy Rob Zombie’s Celebrated Tom Baker Impression

Chris just posted this clip by Rob Zombie on the Nerdist Channel, and here’s how he describes it:

When we put out our mash-up ‘please subscribe’ video a couple of days ago, we only intended to use pieces of videos everyone on the channel sent us. Rob’s was so fantastic (and VERY near to my heart with the 4th Doctor) that I needed to put it up in its entirety. SO HERE IT IS.

Hugs and TARDISes,

And there it is.

By the way, if you’ve subscribed to the Nerdist Channel, you got word of this clip before anyone, like as soon as Chris put it up there. If you haven’t subscribed, what are you waiting for? Click here and subscribe so you’ll know about every new video and you won’t miss a moment like this one.

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  1. I absolutely adore this man.

    He is hilarious and talented.

    I wish he was my best friend.

  2. three toes of fury says:

    In 58 seconds, Rob Zombie somehow manages to elicit nerd-joy and scare-the-living-sh@t out of me. He’s good. Very good.
    I cant wait to see what kind of f’d up stuff he brings to the nerdist channel.

    Peace .n. Thunder Kissin ’65


  3. Gothkitty23 says:

    Awesome sauce!

  4. John Engels says:

    If Rob Zombie did an entire movie like that, Id go see it. I want to see inside the shack. ‘Shack of About 14.5 Corpses’

  5. Scott Sigler says:

    That voice … if I close my eyes, I feel like I’m teleported back to the early 80s and I’m watching Dr. Who on PBS. Spooky.

  6. Keir says:

    The shack “location”, funny enough, is the back yard of his house here in CT. He’s such a gracious guy, and SO funny seeing him in the local grocery store strolling past the blue-haired little old ladies…