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“Ender’s Game” Enters The Final Countdown with a New Trailer & Poster

The hotly anticipated live-action adaptation of Ender’s Game doesn’t drop ’til November 1st, but there’s a brand new trailer and a one-sheet, featuring Ender at his Daft Punk dandiest, to tide you over while you mull over whether to cosplay as Ender or Mazer Rackham for the midnight screening.

Although the film was the subject of much media scrutiny at San Diego Comic-Con, due to Ender’s Game author Orson Scott Card’s controversial statements on same-sex marriage, much of the uproar has died down and both filmmakers and Lionsgate have gone on record reaffirming their support for the LGBT community and affirming that while they “do not agree with the personal views of Orson Scott Card and those of the National Organization for Marriage,” these discussions “are completely irrelevant to a discussion of Ender’s Game.” The words may be too little, too late for some members of the LGBT community, but for those who are willing to look past the source material and its author, the new trailer and one-sheet should make for a nice appetizer while you wait for November’s main course.

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What do you think of the trailer and the one-sheet? Are you excited for Ender’s Game? Let us know in the comments below

Image: Lionsgate

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  1. Teresa Allton says:

    Sooooo, hate to sound like a jerk or offend anyone, but seriously? WHO CARES?! Why do y’all allow what someone else thinks to get any free rent in your head?! A movie’s just a movie. Like the story and think it’ll entertain you? Watch it. You don’t? Don’t watch it. Why do you care what the guy who wrote the story thinks of this subject or ANY subject for that matter? You don’t need anybody’s approval to be who you are, and frankly, neither does he! The beauty of living in America. Get over it, n stop worryin about what people think! It has no bearing what is or isn’t a good movie, that’s just silly. I don’t pay for a movie to support the creator, I pay for it to satisfy my need for entertainment!

  2. Teenage Caveman says:

    This hysterical outrage is unbelievable. Already in the comments section here, people have evoked Godwin’s Law by comparing Card to Hitler. I knew he was Mormon, so I’m not surprised that he opposes gay marriage. I didn’t know of his involvement in NOM until this upset over this upcoming movie has arisen. So let’s look him up on Wikipedia. It says that he objects to the term “homophobia” as attributed to those who oppose gay marriage because it implies that one is mentally ill. Well gee, I can imagine that those who are in favor of gay marriage object to being labelled as a part of the so-called “militant gay agenda.” Everyone seems to love freedom of speech until they hear something they disagree strongly with. So let me look at outrageous Card statement #2. He says that many people become gay as the result of molestation, rape, etc. I have known totally pro-gay atheists who say the same thing, and say that this is especially true for lesbians.

    You know, Scientology is just as absurd as Mormonism, and it baffles me to wonder how anybody could belong to either cult. They are both ridiculous science fictiony mental entrapments. Scientology is just as dangerous as Mormonism, perhaps even moreso. I realize that Tom Cruise is a Scientologist, as well as being a looney a-hole. I realize that if I go see a movie with him in it, money will inevitably be given to the Church (read: “cult”) of Scientology. I really don’t care for Cruise as a person or an actor, but if it turns out he’s in an interesting movie, it won’t prevent me from watching it. I loved reading Ender’s Game and I will definitely see the movie. If Card gets money from this movie, I don’t care how many pairs of magic underpants he buys. Maybe some +10 DEF undies would be good.

    I don’t think gays should get married. I don’t think people with low IQs should be allowed to vote. I don’t think elderly people over 75 should be allowed to drive. I don’t think schizophrenics should be allowed to own guns. I don’t think inept people should be allowed to have children. It’s not because I hate any of these people. It’s just not good for society. If I was a “homophobe,” I wouldn’t go out of my way to be nice to gays as I would anyone else, nor would I give my gay coworker rides to work because he’s without transportation.

    People have compelling reasons to support gay marriage. Other people have compelling reasons as to why they oppose it. Let’s just listen to each other and not demonize each other.

  3. Briggisbatman says:

    This sounds like a book to borrow from the library and a movie to rent or download off bit-torrent

  4. J-Rod says:

    Won’t be seeing this. NOT ONE PENNY is going from me to Card and thus allowing him to spend money on his bigoted intolerant agenda. And yes, i get that he’s probably been paid for the rights for this already but I’m in the industry, if this hits producers will be looking into optioning more of his properties (at an inflated price.)

    As for separating Art from the Artist, I’m guessing that means it was fine to buy Hitler’s Mein Kampf when it came out in the 30s if someone had pointed out “hey, this money you’re spending is going to indirectly kill a lot of people someday but don’t worry about that, it’s about his artistic integrity as a writer.”

  5. SkipEndersGame says:

    Bastien, he is a producer s he makes money off the film’s back end. Buying a ticket to this puts money in a bigot’s pocket.

    I’m a lifelong fan of the books but I’m going to #SkipEndersGame so that not one penny of my paycheck goes to this bigot’s bank account and causes.

    That’s capitalism.

    OSC can say and support whatever he wants but he can do it without my money.

  6. Ripper says:

    Fan of this book since I was a kid. Have given it out countless times as gifts.

    But I’m going to #SkipEndersGame

    I’m not going to allow one penny of my hard earned money be funneled to this bigot. That’s free choice and capitalism in action.

  7. joe anon says:

    Enders games was not welcome at Gaymer con.

  8. bastien says:

    There is no separation of art and artist when profits from said art are going towards paying for said artist’s bigoted agenda.

  9. bastien says:

    If he sold the rights to the movie, then he has already profited off the making of the movie.

    So what’s to stop more movie producers from giving him more money to adapt more books to film? BY NOT GIVING ANY MONEY TO THIS ONE

  10. Bryan says:

    Mr. Card sold the rights to the movie long ago, so he is not making a dime off of this movie. Those people who want to boycott are really not hurting Card or his pocketbook. They are, however, hurting all the people who worked on the movie who do not share his views. Just something to think about.

  11. Dingus McMann says:

    Everyone who is getting their jimmies rustled over Card and his views towards homosexuality need to learn to separate the art from the artist.

    I’m super anti-socialist, but I can appreciate Rage against the machine for how hard they rocked.

  12. Mike says:

    I disagree that [regarding Card’s homophobia] ‘these discussions “are completely irrelevant to a discussion of Ender’s Game.” ‘

    Any profit that Orson Scott Card makes from his share of the take on this movie WILL be used to offset his donations to anti-gay causes.

    It’s not just that he has said homophobic things, he has actively lobbied, donated funding towards, and even sat on the board of a virulently homophobic organization.

    If a racist, dues-paying member of the KKK wrote a fantasy book that turned into a movie, would we expect African-Americans to look the other way and just go see the movie anyway? No, we wouldn’t.

    Same principle. So I’m not buying a ticket, not buying the DVD, not spending one dime to support any work with Orson Scott Card’s name attached.

  13. Gabe says:

    For such a good book, why does this movie look so bad?