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Emma Stone Bowles Us Over in First Look at CABARET

Emma Stone is sure to heat up the stages of Broadway just as we enter another polar vortex. The first images of the young actress in costume as Sally Bowles for her turn at the Cabaret mic hit the web yesterday, and now everyone can die happy knowing they’ve seen Gwen Stacy in Kit Kat Klub-ready lingerie. Also, she looks freaking amazing. If only we could all pull off red lipstick like that.

Stone will replace Michelle Williams in the role this November and claim the garters, mic and story until February 2015. Cabaret tells the story of young English performer Sally Bowles and her relationship with the American writer Cliff Bradshaw at the Kit Kat Club in 1930s Berlin on the eve of World War II. The musical is based on the John Van Druten 1951 play I Am A Camera which is, in turn, based on a 1939 novel Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood. Alan Cumming will continue on in his portrayal of the Kit Kat Club’s Master of Ceremonies for which he won a Tony in 1998. Stone gave up an interesting bit of trivia when she visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night: She saw Cabaret for the first time when she was 9. Cummings was in the Emcee role at that time too. It feels like kismet.

Anyone who has watched, loved, and rewatched Easy A knows that Stone is a bonafide triple threat when it comes to talent.

This NYC-based writer is already plotting when she will stake out the TKTS booth in hopes of grabbing some tickets for a performance. I may have to fight off a few other fans, but it will be worth it to see Stone strut her stuff for Broadway!

[HT: EW]

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  1. Doug says:

    Damn ! ! !

  2. gridsleep says:

    Ah, the last remake of Beau Geste… excuse me, Cabaret.

  3. Film version remake please with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Cliff Bradshaw