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SOLO’s Emilia Clarke Does the Worst Wookiee Impression Ever

After spending all of that time with her dragons on Game of Thrones you’d think Emilia Clarke would know a little something about roaring, but the mother of dragons definitely didn’t earn her maester’s chain in growling, because she does the single worst Wookiee impression in both Westeros and the entire galaxy far, far away. But that’s okay, we’re not so great at speaking Shyriiwook either.

The Solo star, who plays Han’s old friend Qi’ra in the film, was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon promoting the upcoming Star Wars movie when she was asked to show off her best take on the Wookiee language, only it was the worst. The literal worst Wookiee impression you will ever hear, a description that somehow won’t prepare you for how bad it really is.

Told you! That’s unfathomably bad. But also super charming, right? At least she tries!

This is kind of impression sends you down a rabbit hole, which is how we found this amazing interview where her co-star Paul Bettany ribbed her over her horrendous attempt at Chewbacca’s language.

If a Wookiee ever has a baby that sounds like that, they should take the kid to the local Kashyyyk doctor ASAP. The new Chewbacca himself, Joonas Suotamo, taught some of the cast how to mimic the sounds of the Wookiee language, but not all of us can be fluent. Or even semi-fluent.

This makes us really want to hear Emilia Clarke’s impression of a dragon.

Do you have a Wookiee impression? How long did it take you to learn Shyriiwook? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured Image: NBC

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