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Emerald City ComicCon: The Mojitos Must Flow


I am in sexual love with Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con — SEXUAL LOVE — from the regular semi-schlubby Slave Leia I saw on the first day to The Guild panel that was SO ENTERTAINING I totally shrugged off the Fringe panel following it because there was nowhere to go after that but down. Sorry, Walter Bishop and Astrid!

In comparison to the spectacle and giant advertisement that is SDCC, this con wins so much Tiger Blood or whatever. I mean, sure, SDCC serves a purpose, and I don’t doubt it’s the pinnacle of awesome for a lot of people – I get that – but for me it’s just too much pop culture and not enough specific nerdery. ECCC seemed to mix just the right amount of celebrity/TV stuff to bring in a large crowd without overshadowing the intended original spirit of what is ostensibly a comic book convention. I like the idea of introducing a new audience to comics, but there is a fine line between being welcoming and being marketed to, and I think Emerald City walks the shit out of it.

I also know I’m biased. I live in Portland, Oregon, which is a comic book mecca, and I would say at least half the exhibitors and tables at the con were occupied by Portland artists, so, yeah… take everything I say with a grain a salt. You all know I am a neurotic, crowd-fearing human being, so if you love the energy and excitement of a gabillion people dressed as Worf waiting in line for 5 hours to touch a light cycle, than more power to you. I think I’m digging a hole here, so I will move on.

Anyway, besides seeing chubby girls proudly wearing skintight Tron suits (YAY!), the highlight of the con for me was The Guild panel. I know! YOU ARE SHOCKED. My good friend Erik Henriksen (Film Editor for the Portland Mercury) acted as moderator, and I was like an overbearing proud parent in the audience clapping and giggling like a fucking idiot the entire time. He was so charming! Everyone was flipping each other shit! Felicia was so smart and pretty! Everyone was smart and pretty! Wil and Felicia drew a picture of a penis with a hat on it for an audience member, whether that guy wanted it or not (HE DID)! I might have had a small nerdbolism seeing Erik up there on stage with Felicia, Wil, and Amy Okuda. WORLDS COLLIDING.

(Watch the video here. WATCH IT):

I might also have peed my pants, but that has very little to do with the panel and everything to do with the giant iced green tea I was drinking to combat my hangover. Nerds can drink, you guys. Like…. a lot.

And finally, the Seattle Convention Center is located directly across from The Cheesecake Factory, where a weary con goer (not me, what) could go and eat chicken tacos and drink sub-par mojitos in a cloud of guilt and shame because — Cheesecake Factory. Ugh. WE WILL NEVER SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN.

Click here to see an excellent photo slide show
from Sarah Mirk (so many Doctors!)

Image: Flickr/heath_bar

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  1. Alex says:

    Fair enough. So long as you achieved your goal, it proves the con was a good one.

  2. Kiala Kazebee says:

    @Alex Oh I know it did! But I was really just there to hang out with friends and see Felicia so to be honest, I didn’t really try to cover much. 🙂 I didn’t even apply for a press pass. It was more a social thing for me. A social thing I shared with you guys because I LOVE YOU.

  3. Alex says:

    He had something else…a surf board. Not to mention the Wonder Wo-Man who ended up winning the costume contest.

    I know there are limits to what one person can do to cover an entire convention. So next year instead of just you covering the con you should recruit some extra hands so all the loyal nerdists get more than just a single panel covered, because this year had a lot of great stuff.

  4. Jeni says:

    ECCC was my first con. Not sure if the dork Will Wheaton moment, Stalking Matthew Sturgis, or asking the guys at Corrosive Comic why the hell guys from Salem were in Seattle was my best moment. You have to give Slave Girl Leia props for being brave enough to wear that cosutume. Also, did you catch the silver surfer who who nothing but briefs and silver paint???

  5. my_leisure says:

    “that’s what guys always say”

    I lost my shit when Will said that.

  6. James Bath says:

    In the photo stream, in picture of all the doctor who characters, I am the blond guy near the bottom dressed as the 11th doctor. It’s a great honor to be somehow linked to Nerdist!

  7. Kiala Kazebee says:

    UGH. “Then” not “than”.

    I AM STILL TIRED OKAY? And maybe drunk.