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Elmo and Cookie Monster Adorably Parody ORPHAN BLACK, TRUE DETECTIVE, SHERLOCK & More

We here at Nerdist are nothing if not ardent fans of pretty much any and everything the beloved cavalcade of Jim Henson muppets do — particularly those beacons of childhood that lived down on Sesame Street. (Hopefully by now you’ve all seen the video evidence that is Brian’s interview with Grover, Murray, and Cookie Monster from SDCC.) Because, I mean — HELLO! — there may be no more charming monsters out there in the world than Elmo and Cookie Monster.

So we’re, quite naturally we might add, a wee bit jealous of the folks at Entertainment Weekly, who had the chance to work with the indomitable duo on The Elmies. We’re assuming it’s Elmo’s take on EW’s take (The EWwy’s) on the myriad award shows out there in the world, celebrating all things good about television in particular.

And good TV was in no short supply this past year: from True Detective, to House of Cards, to Scandal, to Sherlock, and even Orphan Black — just to name a few! — there were many moments on TV worth getting excited about, and plenty of bombastic moments to parody. Which is exactly what they did. And oh, it is just so cute. Maybe even the cutest.

I mean, c’mon: Cookie Monster as Rust “Cookie is a flat circle” Cohle? Elmo’s Frank Underwood impression? The SCANDALS that keep a-poppin’ up every 2.34 seconds on Scandal? These two, you guys. These two! They kill me. In the best way. Just can’t get enough. The only unfortunate thing was, naturally: NOT ENOUGH ORPHAN BLACK. But is there ever? I mean, really?

What other shows would you like to see Elmo and Cookie parody? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. boB says:

    The video isn’t showing up for me.  Anyone have a URL?

  2. cardsfanbj says:

    LOL, Orphan Black got snubbed in the bit, just like they did at the awards in real life…

  3. Greg says:

    “But it sounds highbrow, because me BRITISH!”

    Awesome 🙂