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Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore and Anna Paquin to Return for X-Men: Days of Future Past

We’re going to see how the future turned out for the love triangle of Iceman, Rogue and Shadowcat after all, as Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore and Anna Paquin have signed on to return to their respective roles in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The actors join previously announced returning X-Men cast members Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, and Ian McKellen as well as First Class cast members James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and recent SNL host Jennifer Lawrence.

Shawn may have played coy with us in our interview with Bobby Drake last week, but he was apparently already deep in negotiations to come back for the Bryan Singer-helmed follow-up to both his X-Men films and Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class. Interestingly, the return of Ellen Page’s Kitty Pryde is the first character from Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand that has been named as an addition, dashing the hopes of fans that wanted X3 disavowed. Bryan Singer confirmed the casting choices and acknowledged Brett Ratner by thanking him for “keeping them alive” so he could use them in this film:


This opens up many questions about who else could be added from the less-than-celebrated third act of the original X-Men trilogy. Will we see return Kelsey Grammer to play a gray-haired Beast opposite Nick Hoult’s Hank McCoy?  Will Ben Foster don his wings again to play Warren Worthington III? Could Vinnie Jones pop back up to tell us that he’s still the Juggernaut, bitch? These questions are still up in the air, but this cast is starting to get so top-heavy, it’s possible we’re going to be able to play bingo on the cover of Uncanny X-Men #141. At least we know now who will be posing as Kitty Pryde when that legendary cover is most likely turned into a poster for the upcoming film.


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  1. Xankyou says:

    I don’t think this’ll make it a sequel, more like the Ratnerverse is just a possible future of the First-Class-verse, and this movie is kind of like the Stark Trek J.J. Abrams pick, where it was actually an alternate time-line not a prequel/reboot. I think they’ll end up going the same way, where this movie will be the point at which continuity splits. It’s very interesting, and I think modern movie going audiences will dig it if they go that way.

  2. kendra says:

    can they please just put Gambit in a damn movie already, and i’m not counting the awfulness that was X-Men Origins. Taylor Kitsch was a terrible Gambit.

  3. vierton says:

    I could not stand X3. That being said, it is possible that they liked Ellen Page as Kitty and so they re-cast her with all intensions of ignoring the existance of X3. Personnally, I figured that First Class was a reboot and NOT a prequal. Unfortunetly, by re-casting all the same actors from the first 3 films, that turns the First Class film(s) into prequals.

  4. CXRengel says:

    If Alan Cumming agrees to come back as Nightcrawler, then I’m interested.

  5. Emily says:

    Surprised Ellen Page is back, but it’s not really DAYS OF FUTURES PAST without Kitty Pryde, is it? And it wasn’t her fault that was a terrible movie. It’s still my hope that they will have to stop Professor X from dying in X3 to save the future, thus nerfing most of that film.

  6. Casey says:

    Singer did an okay job overall with the first 2 X movies but the Rogue storyline was awful which brings down my opinion. Not to mention the much more involved than necessary and sort of creepy Logan/Rogue/Iceman/Kitty Love Square.

    I am curious if they’ll tap the Wolverine cast though. Taylor Kitsch was a pretty good Gambit even though the movie was “meh.”

  7. ShawnaRM says:

    It wasn’t Anna’s acting that was bad, it was the writing or Rogue. I understand what was trying to be done with the character, showing her as a young Rogue afraid of her powers, but they did a bad job of it.

    You can’t blame the actress. It’s like shooting the messenger.

  8. Three Toes of Fury says:

    wow…they managed to get 3 of the weakest characters from the series o movies to return!

    In related news: JJ Abrams tweets that he’s “super excited” to have signed on the ewok ‘wicket’ as the first carry over from the original Star Wars movies into Ep VII

    Peace .n. 2013-2023: the decade of sequels


  9. Dave says:

    Am I the only one who actually liked X3? It had some serious X-Men flavor, unlike the first movie. I’m a huge X-Men fan and it’s my favorite of the three (with First Class being best overall).

  10. Damocles74 says:

    I wonder if Singer’s tweet was really a dig at Ratner for killing off Cyclops and Xavier. And yes I know Charles “saved” himself by taking over that catatonic at the end of X-3. (Huge Nerd out coming) Every real X-Man fan knows Xavier would NEVER do that. He even said so in the SAME damn movie!! So when your life is endangered, its ok to throw out everything you believe in? Or the more likely reason is because Ratner wrote himself into a corner and FOX told him there had better be a way for Patrick Stewart to return to the series. Anyway, I’m glad Mr. Singer is back.

  11. Milling says:

    This ruined it for me….. Anna paquin did a very bad job at rogue….