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This Picture of an Egg Is the Most-Liked Instagram Photo Ever

Let me take a minute and introduce you to the egg that is more popular than the Kardashian family. He’s a simple egg, really. A little shy. He has freckles. He’s a little orange in skin-tone. And now, he’s the most popular Instagram star of all time. He doesn’t have a name. He is simply “egg.”

Earlier this month, the Instagram account world_record_egg was created with a sole objective: To dethrone Kylie Jenner’s “most-liked of all time” Instagram photo of her newborn daughter, Stormi. Cut to 10 days later and their mission was successful. As of this writing, their simple egg photo is, indeed, a world record holder, with over 31 million likes. We hope the egg doesn’t crack under all this pressure. (Sorry.)

Kylie Jenner took things to the next level by posting an Instagram video of herself cracking an egg and attempting to fry it on the hot pavement. “Take that little egg,” she labeled the video. The video currently has 19 million views and counting. Is she going next-level? We’re not sure, but the Kylie Jenner vs. egg rivalry is officially on.

Folks, it looks like 2019 has reached peak stupid and it’s only January. What fresh horrors await us next?

Images: world_record_egg

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