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E3 2014: Ubisoft Press Conference Liveblog

Two down, two to go, and the hits keep on coming as E3 2014 kicks off to an impressive, dubstep-soundtracked start with Microsoft and EA’s press conferences. You can watch our recap of Xbox’s press conference, but now, it’s time for everyone’s favorite Assassin’s Creed factor/French megapublisher Ubisoft to take the stage and show off their wares. We got a look at Assassin’s Creed Unity earlier and its co-op campaign mode, but there’s one thing Ubisoft has that Microsoft doesn’t: Aisha Tyler. Join Malik Forte and me as we head into the Danger Zone to liveblog all the announcements, reveals, and inevitable dick jokes of Ubisoft’s E3 2014 press conference.

To watch the press conference live, simply scroll down and tune into the livestream. To bring you up to the minute analysis, Gaming Editor Malik Forte and I will be liveblogging and livetweeting today’s press conference, so refresh this page for updates as the conference progresses. We want to hear what you think too, so give us your reactions in the comments below and use the #NerdistE3 hashtag on Twitter to let us know your thoughts!

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Liveblog (refresh page for updates)

4:00 PM: That’s a wrap, folks. Let us know what you thought in the comments below and tune in for Sony at 6PM. (DC)

3:59 PM: And that is a killer looking reveal. Rainbow Six: Siege is exactly what I’d wished Battlefield Hardline was going to be. It’s been six years since the last one. (DC)

3:57 PM: I’m with Malik — this looks phenomenal. Really impressed by the player shooting a hole in the wall to open a line of sight for their sniper overwatch. (DC)

3:55 PM: That’s Rainbow Six ladies and gents. I am a happy boy right now (MF)

3:53 PM: Ubisoft showing off one more game. Will it be Rainbow Six? Will it be Beyond good And Evil? (MF)

3:52 PM: Yves Guillemot has taken the stage. As you can expect, he’s going to bring a surprise with him. He starts off thanking the fans for their support. (MF)

3:50 PM:  That was a beautiful Valiant Hearts. Looking forward to this one! (MF)

3:48 PM:  Aisha Tyler is talking about Valiant Hearts. The next game to run on the UbiArt Framework engine.(MF)

3:48 PM:  In a battle of epic proportions, USA has won, 39 pushups to 32. Ubisoft Press conference everyone! (MF)

3:45 PM: And now, an American Ubisoft employee and a French employee must engage in the deadliest bloodsport of all: virtual workouts. (DC)

3:43 PM: Holy shit, this dude is battling a virtual version of himself jumping up and down on a giant piano while club remix of “Eye of the Tiger” blares in the background. What is happening? (DC)

3:41 PM: Shape Up is Ubisoft’s new fitness-facing game for the Xbox One designed to get you in shape. “Fitness is boring,” admits developer Charles Huteau. (DC)

3:39 PM: Arno interrupts a public execution with a public execution of his own. From behind the gallows, his assassin comrades emerge, ready to kick some ass. Smash to logo. Very solid demo. One of the better presentations we’ve seen so far. (DC)

3:37 PM: Most of all, I’m really loving the new UI, especially for missions. Very unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. (DC)

3:36 PM: Combat looks like it will be familiar to series fans, but still seemed fluid in this gameplay demo. (DC)

3:34 PM: The gameplay and environment look gorgeous, but can we talk about this flowing next-gen facial hair? (DC)

3:32 PM: Arno Dorian is our main character, says Ubisoft’s Alex Amancio. Co-op experience is separate from single-player. (DC)

3:31 PM:  And after a sweet Assassin’s Creed: Unity trailer, the crowd goes wild. Now Amancio is giving us the details “Unity takes franchise to unexplored territory: co-op.” (MF)

3:28 PM:  Alex Amancio is getting ready to talk some Assassin’s Creed Unity. Let’s find out more about this co-op (MF)

3:25 PM: There will be four different demos of The Crew at E3 — Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Ubisoft’s booth. PC closed beta opens on July 23rd at Game launches November 11 on Ps4, Xbox One, and PC.

3:24 PM: Creative director of The Crew Julian Gerighty is here to talk fast cars and road trips with Aisha Tyler. The cross-country road trip is just one of many “2-hour-plus missions,” he says. (DC)

3:22 PM: The disclaimer at the bottom noted this is entirely composed of gameplay footage, for what it’s worth. (DC)

3:21 PM: Ah, the big trend of last year, asynchronous multiplayer-enabled open-world racing games. Let’s see what you’ve got, The Crew. (DC)

3:19 PM: This cinematic trailer is pretty excellent, but I’d rather see more gameplay footage like we saw at Microsoft this morning. Come on, guys. (DC)

3:18 PM: Gotta say, I vastly prefer the jazzy standard to the creepy ghost version of “Holy Night” to start The Division trailers we’ve seen today. (DC)

3:16 PM:  Petter Mannerfelt has taken the stage to talk The Division. (MF)

3:13 PM:  The obligatory Ubisoft press conference dance number has just begun. The stage is crowded and moving. The crowd is dead still. (MF)

3:12 PM:  Jason Altman is on stage speaking about Just Dance Now– a way to play Just Dance across multiple devices free, of latency. (MF)

3:10 PM:  Just Dance 2015 looks like fun, but needs more Pharell Williams Arbys hate. (MF)

3:09 PM:  Just Dance 2015 confirmed. It’s officially become the Madden of Dance games. (MF)

3:07 PM: “It’s looking a little smoky. Apparently it’s 4:20 in this bitch” – Aisha Tyler on the Orpheum Theater’s ambiance. (DC)

3:06 PM: 

3:05  PM: According to Dan Hay, executive producer of Far Cry 4, that was just the first five minutes of the game. You’re traveling with very little cash and a gun. “After that, you’re fucked,” he says with the deadest of pans. (DC)

3:04 PM: “I’m going to murder your friends, but first, let me take a selfie!” Seriously, though, what a great reveal. (DC)

3:02 PM: Oh no — the villain is Paramilitary Macklemore and he suffers exactly zero fools. (DC)

3;01 PM: Far Cry 4 gamplay time! Why didn’t they just call if 4Cry? Mysteries abound, but the graphics look damn good as we trek through a mountain village checkpoint. (DC)

3:00 PM: Forget multiplayer co-op; the big trend this year is light-up wristbands. Both Ubisoft and Microsoft were all about these weird little rave tools. (DC)

What do you think of the announcements thus far? Chime in in real time in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter by using #NerdistE3.

Additional reporting by Malik Forte.

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