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DVR Dump – Week of 10/04/2013

So much good TV and so little time… that’s why we here at Nerdist Industries are ever thankful that a man named David Vernon Rinehart invented the DVR (named after his initials!) – this modern marvel of science and magic makes it possible for us to stockpile all the TV that airs in a week, so we can spend the precious weekend hours vegetating on the couch.

In an effort to not feel so lazy, I’ve volunteered to make a list of all the things I plan on catching up on this weekend – complete with a short synopsis of the episode.  It’s my gift to you, Dear Reader.

So sit in your most comfortable chair, put your feet up, make some coffee and enjoy your Saturday morning catching up on all the shows you might have missed.


Aqua TV Show Show (formerly Aqua Teen Hunger Force) – “Freda” finds Master Shake in love with the perfect woman… but is she too perfect? It’s almost as if she was made for him.

Bob’s Burgers – Season Premiere – “A River Runs Through Bob,” in which the Belchers go camping in a family fueled effort to make up for a Thundergirl camping trip Tina missed.


Adventure Time with Finn and Jake – in “Earth and Water,” a mythology-heavy episode that juggles multiple plotlines. A MUST SEE for die-hard fans of the series, but not the best jumping-on point for newbies.

Sleepy Hollow – “For Triumph of Evil,” the third episode of the series, perfects the monster-of-the-week formula with a creepy A Nightmare on Elm Street-type story that delves into Abbie’s past. One of the best new shows, already renewed for a second season.


New Girl – The doucheification of Schmidt continues in “Three Cheats to the Wind,” as he seemingly makes a choice between super-model CeeCee and down-to-Earth Elizabeth. Meanwhile Winston has fallen in love… with his new cat Ferguson.


Chicago Fire – The high-octane fire scenes combined with the deliciously soapy character conflicts make this the best-bet guilty pleasure on TV. “Packing All the Weekend” features a car accident caused by a house falling off a flatbed, a domestic dispute gone horribly wrong, and lots of juicy character developments.


South Park – “Informative Murder Porn” brings fan-favorite Randy Marsh back into focus as he becomes obsessed with the “murder porn” of the title as means of improving his marital sex life.

The League – Picking up from the middle of a scene shown in last week’s episode, “The Bye Week” follows Ruxin, who hides from his family after missing a business trip to Chicago.


Parks and Recreation –Episode two of the 6th season “The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip-Off Classic” finds Leslie Knope reveling in the fiscal crisis that’s fallen over rival township Eagleton.


?????? – There was nothing on our DVR this week for Friday night! What’s up with that? Anyone have any great Friday night suggestions? Post in the comments below and we’ll include them next week!

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  1. Shawn Depasquale says:

    I DID watch Always Sunny… It’ll be added to this weeks list though.


  2. cptspaulding665 says:

    how do you have the League on this list without it’s always sunny in philadelphia? that better be because you watched it not DVR’d it

  3. Shawn Depasquale says:

    Good call! I’ll check it out and add it to the list! Thanks, Brandon!

  4. Brandon says:

    Don’t forget “The Legend of Korra” on Nick, Friday nights!