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Duplass Brothers’ ANIMALS Shows Urban Life Gone Wild

I’ve been to New York City a few times and it’s…intense. It’s not a place I could really live–I’m a suburban guy who now lives in the suburban part of Los Angeles–but a whole heap of people do and they’re a very particular breed. There’s an attitude to New Yorkers that few other cities’ citizens can boast, and it’s even bled over to its animal population. Or at least, that’s what producers Mark and Jay Duplass would have you believe in their new HBO grown-up animated program, Animals, all about what all the furry or feathered friends are up to when you’re not around.

The show is created by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano, a pair who made a 2012 short called Animals.Horses that acted as the pilot. The show is all about New York City from the point of view of various creatures, not just dogs and cats, but pigeons, rats, bedbugs (gross), pythons, handsome cab horses, and many more. Are these animals normal? Of course not. why would they make a show out of animals that are normal?

Animals boasts an incredibly impressive list of voice actors including Ben Schwartz, Jessica Chastain, Ellie Kemper, Marc Maron, Kumail Nanjiani and more. In fact, instead of just listing everybody, here’s a screenshot from the trailer of all their names so you can bask in the amazing talent on display.


Pretty amazing, right?

The first season of Animals will be ten episodes long and will begin airing on Friday, Feb 5, at 11:30pm.

Are you going to marvel at the secret world of the Big Apple’s non-human residents? Are you as creeped out as me about having to see talking disgusting insects? Let’s hash it out in the comments below!

Images: HBO

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