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Duncan Jones On WARCRAFT, Hostfulness, Greg ‘n’ Lozo X2: The Week In Podcasts

Say, do you need something to listen to while you go about your long holiday weekend, assuming you’re in the U.S. and have a long holiday weekend coming up? Or if you’re not in the U.S., do you just want something to listen to while you DON’T have a long holiday weekend coming up? We have plenty of good shows from this week at the Nerdist Podcast Network, so whether you’re at the beach or pool or barbecue, or if you’re just stuck in hopeless traffic heading to the shore on the Garden State Parkway or Delsea Drive or US 50, try these:

Duncan Jones was on the Nerdist Podcast, and the director of Moon and Source Code talked plenty about his new film, Warcraft, coming to a theater very near you on June 10th. He offered insight on the process of making movies — patience is required — and his thoughts on the dichotomy between franchise blockbusters and original concepts. But it’s not all movies: Duncan talks about fatherhood, family, and the legacy of his father David Bowie. Also, Singled Out figures into things. Really.

Hostful Nerdist Podcast! We got a bonus hostful, this one with talk about the guys’ health, autonomous cars, the Oscars, jokes, and some TV theme singing.

It took a couple of tries — Wyshinski and Lozo managed to screw up the first taping — but Animal Collective’s Geologist (Brian Weitz) did finally talk about being a Flyers fan (yay!), how his 5-year-old insists on being a Caps fan (boo!), and more on Puck Soup, though his rant against Caps fans was lost in the technical snafu and his appearance was called in from Amtrak on the way back to D.C. Also, the relationship between Captain America and Bucky is a topic. as is Pierre McGuire’s tendency to say things that can definitely be taken in a non-hockey context.

Greg and Lozo were also on the Monday edition of The Jonah Keri Podcast for a talk that ranged from Game of Thrones (of course) to whether the Canadiens will always have to employ a French-fluent head coach to how Jonah can go to any IMAX theater and get special celebrity treatment because he’s a special celebrity (and he has a friend in the company). Jonah followed that up with another Jonah Keri Podcast with MSNBC reporter Irin Carmon talking about the book (based on the Tumblr) she co-wrote about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The Notorious RBG.

And more: The Jackie and Laurie Show dealt with Jackie at Disneyland, comic material about death, advice from older comics to new faces, “Joke Machine,” and the late John Fox, among many other comedy topics, while digital producer Ben Simms told tales of his haunted house in college on Bizarre States and Fortune Feimster talked The Bachelorette with Arden on Will You Accept This Rose?, plus Alex, Alison, and Tom talking about regaining sight and a city full of hermits on Half Hour Happy Hour. And then there were the Elfmans arguing and stuff on Kicking and Screaming, because they do that well.

Guests galore!: Actress turned writer and show creator Claudia Lonow on Thw Writers Panel; Comic Nick Vatterott on You Made It Weird; Actor and filmmaker Lance Kinsey on Pro You; Comedian Paco Romane on The Todd Glass Show; VFX guy Jason Piccioni on Chewin’ It; Artist Penelope Gazin on Love, Alexi; Comedian Lawrence Thomas on Cash Withdrawal; Sportscaster Selema (Sal) Masekela on Today We Learned; Writer Alyssa Varner and comedian Nat Towsen on Comic Book Club; The crew from Minecraft subscription box Mine Chest on The Mutant Season; and makeup artist Stephen Lynch and hair stylist Katarina Chovanec from Orphan Black on the Clonecast (due sometime Friday).

It’s all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. Go there, download, subscribe. And have a great weekend, wherever you are. Watch out for sharks.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: Legendary

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