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Listen to Dungeons & Dragons-Themed Band Gygax’s “The Lascivious Underdark” (Exclusive)

We’re a dice-rolling, hard-rocking bunch here at the Nerdist, so you probably imagine how stoked we were to discover Gygax, a rock n’ roll band that puts out Dungeons & Dragons-themed concept albums. Hell, the band is named Gygax—they obviously have a deep affinity for everyone’s favorite tabletop game.

Since Gygax makes the kind of music we can fully get behind, we’re honored to premiere a track from their new album, 2nd Edition. Guys, it’s their sophomore album and they’re calling it 2nd Edition! There’s a genius behind this that deserves our admiration.

The track we’ve got for you is called “The Lascivious Underdark.” It has a boozy swagger to it, a really late ’60s groove that runs throughout. There are also plenty of rippin’ solos and tasty licks to sink your teeth into. It worms its way into your head like a Mind Flayer bending you to its dark will.

“The song takes place in the dangerous wilds of the Underdark, from the perspective of a Mind Flayer,” Gygax bassist/vocalist Eric Harris told us. “It calls to its female prey through the lustful thoughts within its predatory mind, luring her with promises of a better life. All the while, dominance and subjugation are its end objective.”

If you need further prompting to check out Gygax’s new album when it drops on March 16, look no further than the pedigree of the band’s members. This four-piece features guys that have played in bands like Gypsyhawk, Skeletonwitch, Sorcerer, Huntress, Warbringer, Mantic Ritual, and Pentagram. Those are some serious metal and hard rock highlights on Gygax’s résumé. We’re super excited to hear all of 2nd Edition and will definitely be pre-ordering a gorgeous LP from Creator-Destructor Records.

You can also catch Gygax on tour this Spring. The band will be playing up the West Coast, so journey into the Underdark if they are coming to your town. Come ready to rock and party like a drow at a ceremony honoring Lolth the Spider Queen. You pre-order the record right here.

GYGAX Second Edition West Coast Tour:

3/08/2018 at Golden Bull – Oakland, CA

3/09/2018 at Tonic Lounge – Portland, OR

3/10/2018 at The Highline – Seattle, WA

3/11/2018 at Blue Lamp – Sacramento, CA

3/13/2018 at Full Circle Brewery – Fresno, CA

3/15/2018 at Shea’s Tavern – Tahoe, CA

3/16/2018 at Cooper’s Alesworth – Nevada City, CA

3/17/2018 at 5 Star Bar – Los Angeles, CA

Images: Creator-Destructor Records

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