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Drop an iPhone in Molten Aluminum and it Transforms Instantly

We’ve had some fun watching YouTuber The Backyard Scientist before; Last time, he took some thrift store items and made fire tornadoes because he knew that would be the outcome, but in a recent video, he decided to dunk an iPhone in a vat of molten aluminum just to see what the heck would happen. Perhaps he’s acting upon some unspoken, pent-up rage against the headphone-port-free iPhone 7 in solidarity with the endangered 3.5 mm auxiliary port (via ViralViralVideos).

Whatever the case, he teamed up with fellow YouTuber GizmoSlip to make it happen, melting down an ample amount of aluminum in his DIY (and obviously, backyard) foundry setup. When dropped in the aluminum, the phone is quickly submerged in the soupy metal and some of its components, like the battery and plastics, as our two hosts suggest, burn off.

The phone eventually resurfaced and floated on the aluminum, turning black and becoming pliable, bending when prodded by a rod. The melting point of aluminum is 1,221° Fahrenheit, but even at that temperature, the iPhone retained its basic form for the most part, aside from it being folded in half due to prodding.

The two also produced another video (below or here) for GizmoSlip’s channel, and this time, they decided to smelt an iPhone, seeing if it would melt down completely into liquid metal when faced with 2600° Fahrenheit conditions. Do you think that’s enough heat to render an iPhone unrecognizable? Check it out for yourself below, and don’t forget about the aluminum video above.

Featured image: TheBackyardScientist

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