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Drones Let You Explore Beautiful European Castles Like a Bird

We might not be able to fly like birds, but drones allow us to see the world the way they do, peacefully and beautifully from above, and it turns out their view of castles and palaces are even more stunning than what we can see from the ground, as we get to experience in this fairy tale compilation from the sky over some of Europe’s best.

This video, that we first saw at Sploid, comes to us from the YouTube channel WeWannaGo TV, the dedicated travel account committed to “Earth porn” run by the husband and wife team of Christiaan and Kseniya Welzel. Covering a wide range of castle types and locales from the Old World, this feels like the opening to a Westeros that is full of peace and harmony, and not ice zombies
and death.

They were kind enough to give us a list of the different places they filmed at or took footage from, and we’d like to visit them all immediately. The places included are:

  • Castle of Almourol (Tagus River, Vila Nova da Barquinha, Portugal)
  • Bled Castle (Lake Bled, Slovenia)
  • Blenheim Palace (Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England)
  • Dvigrad Castle (Istria, Croatia)
  • Ehrenberg Castle (Reutte, Tirol, Austria)
  • Hohenwerfen Castle (Salzach valley, Werfen, Austria)
  • Khotyn Fortress (Dniester River, Khotyn, Chernivtsi Oblast, Ukraine)
  • Landskron Castle (Villach, Carinthia, Austria)
  • Neuschwanstein Castle (Hohenschwangau, Füssen, Bavaria, Germany)
  • Predjama Castle (Postojna, Predjama, Slovenia)
  • Castle Stalker (Port Appin, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, United Kingdom)

There’s something quite poetic about using modern technology to find a new way to appreciate old, beautiful buildings. The birds have had that view to themselves for far too long.

What castle would you love to fly a drone over? Tell us in the comments below.

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Images: WeWannaGo TV

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