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Dr. Ruth’s GOOD SEX is Streaming Vintage Episodes with Jerry Seinfeld, Anthrax

Although she’s largely out of the spotlight now, Dr. Ruth Westheimer was a constant media presence if you grew up in the ’80s  and ’90s. The German born Jewish immigrant became famous for being one of America’s first “sexperts,” and she was a constant guest on late night talk shows where she tried to educate America on how to have a healthy sex life, all while David Letterman and Johnny Carson squirmed in their seats.

She also parlayed her fame into hosting at least five talk shows on Lifetime and other cable channels back in the day. If you were a kid back then like I was, you especially got a kick out of all things Dr. Ruth, because to the pre-teen brain, there is nothing more hilarious than hearing a tiny little old lady with a super thick accent say words like “erection,” “clitoris,” and “orgasm” over and over. Trust me, when you’re ten years old, that is the apex of comedy.

Another staple of the ’80s and early ’90s was Night Flight, a four hour show that ran on the USA Network which was collection of music videos, short films, and other oddities. I remember sitting transfixed in front of Night Flight for hours on end, mostly because there weren’t a whole lot of options back then. They also had the most ’80s opening credits of all time. Night Flight has since moved online at the website Night Flight Plus, where they’ve archived a ton of vintage episodes of the series. And now the esteemed Dr. Ruth has joined them!

Among the Dr. Ruth episodes included here are one which explores the teen fascination with heavy metal music (with special guest Anthrax!), learning about rap music with L.L. Cool J, chatting up the “sexiest man in America” Burt Reynolds, a pre-mega fame Jerry Seinfeld, and even UFO researcher Budd Hopkins, who of course ends up talking about various Alien sexual fantasies. I mean, who didn’t have those, right?

Maybe the best part of all these episodes is watching the mostly teenage audience, with puzzled looks on their faces as Dr. Ruth goes on and on about the proper use of condoms.  There are some truly epic tragic hairstyles on display here, and some serious fashion faux pas going on in these videos, so I highly recommend you go to Night Flight Plus and check them out.

What do you make of this trip in the Way Back Machine? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: Night Flight

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