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DOOM Trailer Welcomes You Back to Hell

After sitting out most of the last console generation, Doom is back. The sequel/reboot to the seminal shooter series might not be making its official bow until this year’s QuakeCon, but until then, developer iD Software and publisher Bethesda have released the first trailer for E3.

From iD:

“Watch the all-new teaser trailer for the next DOOM game in development at iD Software. Look for the first reveal of the game at QuakeCon 2014.”

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  1. Gin says:

    Maybe Claudia Black?  

  2. Wraith says:

    Is that Linda Hamilton doing the voice over?

  3. treb says:

    aaaaaaannnnd… nope. can’t be arsed.

  4. iopsyguy says:

    Is it me, or did that strike anyone else as cheesy?  Too long of a build-up for not that interesting results.  And I enjoyed the original game when it first came out.  My two pennies.

    • j says:

      You’re stupid.

    • Getter says:

      Imagine getting to watch it without already knowing beforehand what they were introducing, and then you hear the iconic door-opening sound…  You would have loved it…