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Donut-Shaped Pool Table Looks Good Enough To Eat

A very wise man has been known to say “Mmm, donuts” on many occasions and “Mmm, forbidden donut” on at least one. This pool table designed by Designed and built by Cléon Daniel looks like something our beloved Homer Simpson would have custom built should he ever have a man cave in his modest Springfield home. Why? BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE A GOSH DANG DONUT, THAT’S WHY!

DonutTable2101715 Image: Cléon Daniel

This unique design—including the “sprinkle” billiard balls—is clearly made to look just like the iconic pink frosted donuts from The Simpsons. As an art piece, Cléon Daniel’s table is beautiful and likely to be the envy of any Simpsons collector but is definitely more form than function as the irregular edges of the interior would probably make for some unpredictable games.


Homer, do you have any input?


We couldn’t have said it better.

While there’s no price on this one of kind piece we can at least speculate it’s going to be on the pricey side as Daniel’s previous banana shaped table is priced at nearly $10,000. What’s a banana shaped pool table look like? Funny you should ask. bananatable1

While the predictability of shots might be out the window with these designs, the benefit to such oddly shaped pool tables is that no longer will you have a hard to reach shot where you have to plant yourself awkwardly on the end of the table. Any shot on the banana one is approachable from all angles and – unless you’re shaped like Homer – the Simpsons-inspired table allows for shots taken from the donut hole itself.

Check out some more pictures in the gallery below and let us know what table you think would be more fun to play in the comments below!

HT: thatsnerdalicious
Image Credit:Cléon Daniel; Firebox
GIF Credit: FOX/Giphy


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