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Does Anyone Actually Want a Joker Origin Movie?

Nobody asked for a Joker origin movie, but it looks like Warner Bros. and DC are going to give us one…set in the ’80s…directed by The Hangover‘s Todd Phillips, and produced by Martin Scorsese of all people. Uh…yay? Nay? Meh-ay? That strange report was the first topic on the docket of today’s Nerdist News Talks Back, along with the internet apocalypse that was SNES Classic pre-ordering yesterday, as well as the small little matter of the future of the Guardians of the Galaxy and possibly the entire Marvel MCU.

Host Jessica Chobot was joined by Nerdist News writer Aliza Pearl, as well the editor tag team the Killer Kyles, Messrs. Anderson and Hill. Their first order of business was the bewildering Deadline report that we’re going to get a Jared Leto-less Joker origin (Leto is going to be pissed about that, right?). But does anyone need/want this movie. If so who will play the Joker this time, and will it connect to the rest of the DCEU? And what does this mean for standalone films DC films, including director Matt Reeves’ The Batman?

But while a Joker origin might be a disaster, yesterday’s nightmare of first day pre-orders of the SNES Classic definitely was one. Tune in to hear why some fans described their experience trying to get place an order as a “wet shart.” A term which has never been used to describe anything but a total “shitshow,” which was another common term used by would-be customers turned furious mob.

Finally the fearsome foursome talked about another group of heroes and what the future might hold for them, as they discussed James Gunn’s recent comments in a Facebook Live interview that made it sound like the makeup of the Guardians of the Galaxy will look very, very different after the third installment in the franchise. What exactly did he mean when he said Volume 3 will set up the Marvel MCU for the next 20 years?  And how might Nova factor into all of it?

Image: Marvel

But remember, you can get in on the conversation every day when Nerdist News Talks Back airs live on our YouTube and Alpha channels at 1 pm PST. Because hearing Jessica yell at Kyle Anderson is even more fun in the moment.

What? He had it coming after that “relish” pun.

What do you think of the Joker movie? Did you even want an SNES Classic before yesterday’s debacle? And what do you think about the future of the Guardians and MCU? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Warner Bros/DC

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