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DOCTOR WHO Star David Tennant Joins Marvel’s JESSICA JONES Netflix Series

When David Tennant left Doctor Who, many of us were left wondering what franchise he would find himself a part of next. While his stay on the ever-so-bleak and increasingly mysterious Broadchurch (and his one season tenure on Gracepoint) is a pleasure to watch (in as much as investigating a child’s murder can be), it didn’t quite have the same sizzle as his time in the TARDIS. Well, today, nerds everywhere can rejoice because the Tenth Doctor is officially joining the cast of Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones Netflix series.

Though we’re used to seeing Tennant in a somewhat heroic role, the British actor will be stepping into the enigmatic, villainous shoes of Zebediah Killgrave, the sleazy purple-skinned criminal mastermind who has plagued heroes like Daredevil and Jessica Jones ever since he wormed his way into New York City. Sometimes known as the Purple Man, Killgrave wields the exceedingly dangerous ability to dominate people’s will, forcing them to obey his commands via the power of suggestion.


According to Marvel’s press release, Killgrave is “an enigmatic figure from Jessica’s past”, whose reappearance will “send shockwaves through the former super hero’s world.” Tennant will star alongside Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones and Mike Colter as Luke Cage in the 13-episode Netflix series that will premiere later this year.

Considering Marvel wants its Netflix series to be full of gritty crime stories, introducing Killgrave is a very smart idea. During one of his arcs with Jones in the comics, Killgrave kept her mind-controlled for a period of eight months. While Killgrave did all manner of unsavory things during that period, he also convinced her that she was living in a comic book, which could be an interesting bit of tinkering with the fourth wall if it comes to pass on the TV series.


Ugh, so creepy. In any event, something tells me David Tennant is going to make us all look like this during the course of A.K.A. Jessica Jones when it launches later this year:


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  1. Insightful Panda says:

    YES! So excited. I’m betting this will follow the comic pretty close since that story line takes place post Daredevil and kind of sets up Luke Cage – as it will in the Netflix series.  
     Also, since this all picks up AFTER the superhero kidnapping, perhaps all those scenes will be in substantial flashbacks like Arrow does on CW. Here’s hoping!

  2. Destini says:

    David Tennant is wearing my dad’s Bravery Misplaced Dragon T-Shirt in this picture. So cool! You can see the full shirt on his website. We have the same shirt, that’s so cool!!

  3. larry says:

    Nice I only remember him playing a villain one before in Harry Potter i think the goblet of fire maybe but he was bad ass for the short period of time he was in that one

    • Um, Secret Smile anyone? He played Brendan Block, who was a stalker as well as one heck of a sexy rapist! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!! And no, rape isn’t sexy, don’t get me wrong, it’s horrible; but David just looks so sexy while playing the scene!! Lots of good sex scenes in this one, and David plays a good villian!!! David is capable of anything when it comes to acting, best actor ever and the sexiest man alive IMO!!! Can’t wait to see it on Netflix!!!

  4. Jen says:

    awesome news, but David is a Scottish actor, not a British actor.  

    • gareth says:

      he is both british and scottish, learn your geography.
      scotland is part of britain, along with england and wales

    • Jenn says:

      British is accurate, to say he was English would not be. The two are not the same.

    • Ann says:

      He is both Scottish and British, but he is not English.  That’s what you meant

    • Patrick says:

      Great Britain NI, Wales, Scotland and makes him British/Scottish

    • sven says:

      He is from the British isles which includes Scotland. So yes he is British. So are the welsh enflish and the Irish. The last depending on which Irishman you ask. Most Irish don’t like to be called British.

      • Rogue says:

        Only 6 counties in Northern Ireland are part of the UK.  The other 26 counties are the Republic of Ireland and nothing to do with Britain 

    • Yoel says:

      Twittish (adjective; neologism): Tending to argue about whether a tiny country is part of Great Britain or the UK.

    • Julie says:

      Fwiw while all Scots are technically British, attitudes vary wildly over identifying as British. Some Scots are fiercely pro-Independence and thus don’t like to identify as British. David Tennant actually is pro-Union and does strongly identify as British (as well as Scottish), in fact several times American interviewers have made reference to him not being British (saying things like, “You play a British character but you’re actually Scottish”) and every single time he pulls them up on it and will make a point of saying, “I AM British as well as Scottish.” So obviously for him it’s very important that people see him as British.

    • Dakota says:

      Acrually he is a british actor born in Bathgate, United Kingdom

    • Amanda says:

      I didn’t know I was going to get an awesome geography lesson along with this article.  lol

    • Bb says:

      Jen, Great Britain=England, Scotland and Wales, by default he’s British.

  5. Wilson says:

    That gif, though.