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Nerdist News

DOCTOR WHO Series Eight Secrets Explored!

Hello, Whovians, and welcome to a particularly wibbly-wobbly episode of Nerdist News!

On today’s show, you’re getting a peek at the most revealing trailer for Doctor Who Series 8 yet, as Jessica Chobot dissects all of the timey-wimey goodness. Are you ready to go “into darkness” with Twelve and companion Clara? PLUS there’s a new Weird Al music video out, and it’s a collab with Nerdist! Get a little preview in today’s episode and learn where you can see the rest!

Enjoy today’s show, come back and see us again tomorrow, and be sure to let us know in the comments below what you hope to see when The Doctor returns August 23rd!

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  1. Chohot u spelled it wrong

  2. I’d love to see the vashta nerada make a return visit – best monster you never saw

  3. wim. says:

    don’t try to be funny lady…    just be yourself…    it is fake..

  4. The return of River Song.

    Yes, before you start I know she is part of the universe’s biggest library but what if when the Time Lords granted The Doctor a new set of regenerations they granted River amnesty for her past mistakes, since she is half time lord and also granted her a new set of regenerations as well. The scenario would be that the doctor and Clara receive a distress call from the library that starts off with the usual hello sweetie. When they arrive they find River waiting for them while holding back the regenerative energy to explain what happened before she regenerates into a much younger form and joins with the Doctor and Clara for some of their “darker” adventures since her skill set is adapted to them.


  5. RedwoodCoast says:

    The Doctor goes back in time to fix Star Wars episode #1, stopping on the way alter the cast of Kal-El vs. Bruce with a different Princess Di ;), and consequently letting the producers/director of “Superman Returns” be exterminated.

  6. antwanman12 says:

    Just finished listening to the Chobot Nerdist Podcast, and I gotta say; I’m so happy Jessica is part of the Nerdist family now. 2 and a half minutes isn’t enough! Keep it up. 

  7. Ibepostinshit says:

    Iron man 3 of Doctor who? But but I don’t want it to suck!

  8. girlfriendmd says:

    Wildest dream?  That the female companions are stronger and less doe eyed and lovesick.  More Donna, less talking lamp

  9. LongBottomLeaf says:

    I have been a huge fan of the old/new series with Eccleston and David Tenant. and I must say. the seasons with Matt Smith are good and all but there is not as much action or running around as before. The episodes were much more character driven, and had an obscene amount of scenes with 2 people talking face to face or slow motion running, with the camera panning in a 360 degree circle while a bunch of light fixtures explode.Pretty much the reason why I never watched all of the Amy Pond stuff. it got boring halfway through episodes. They did seem to remember their roots with that half season though. Truly hope they bring back even more dashes of the old Doctor Who I grew up with. We do not need another Americanized British gem.

    • Mike says:

      You can stick with your teen drama and farting aliens, we’ll keep our better storylines and cinematography that doesn’t remind you of a soap opera. Also, if you think Moffat’s DW is “americanized” just because it has better cinematography, try watching the 1996 film, then try to explain that Moffat’s era is “americanized”.