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Update: Watch the full panel right here right meow!

All of Time and Space are at our fingertips! This year’s Doctor Who panel is really bigger on the inside, with Thursday’s Hall H welcoming Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, and Steven Moffat, moderated by our own Chris Hardwick. Get ready for some vworp vworp, friends!

First up was a trailer for The Last Kingdom. Not Doctor Who.

Mr. Hardwick took the stage to welcome everyone and show off his Dalek shoes. Then he threw to some Series 8 highlights. What a gorgeous season.

Chris then introduced the panelists, all of whom look fabulous.

Peter Capaldi says he’s never been in front of 7,000 people before in his life and made everybody cheer. What a boss.

How did Steven and Peter arrive at the crankiness of the Twelfth Doctor. Moffat: “The difference in how you write the Doctor isn’t that great. It’s what the actor’s bring to it and you start writing toward it. On paper, each of the Doctors are surprisingly similar.”

“It’s the only show that’s in my bones very deeply. It’s the only one that I’ve followed since I was six years old,” says Capaldi. “I thought the episode I did with David would be the only Doctor Who I’d get to do. I asked him to show me the TARDIS and I got quite teary.”

Hardwick says Clara sort of “Dom’d” the Doctor in Series 8. “A lot of last series was about them feeling each other out and now we’ve sort of found our groove,” says Coleman. “It’s like getting to know your best friend all over again.”

“Luckily I never know what I’m saying and why I’m saying it,” says Gomez about playing the Mistress/Missy. It’s still sort of a pinch-me moment for me.” She went on to say the Master’s relationship with the Doctor is like the best friend going wrong; Missy’s trying to make the Doctor see her way.”

“It’s a friendship between a vegetarian and a hunter,” said Moffat of the Master/Doctor relationship. “We both do the same thing; we both kill a lot of people. He feels bad about it, I don’t,” added Gomez. “She distresses him greatly,” says Capaldi.

Peter Capaldi keeps saying the word “shit.” It’s hilarious.

“He’s a constantly growing character. He’s not a soldier; he’s a good guy. He’d rather there be no violence, he’d rather sit in a car park and look at the stars. He doesn’t like blowing up Daleks. I like blowing up Daleks,” said Capaldi.

“She got scared and didn’t feel safe,” said Coleman of Clara’s mistrust of the Twelfth Doctor in “Kill the Moon.” She then said it was like changing all the rules. “They’re very much a team now. They’ve found the groove. They’re eating up all of time and space with reckless abandon.”

Robots, zombies, daleks, Missy, the Doctor shrugging. Cool planets. Spacesuit Clara. Hugging. Zygons, “I’m the Doctor and I save people!” Maisie Williams! She says “What took you so long, old man?”

The series will premiere September 19th.

What’s Series 9 been like? Capaldi: “The writers know me now and want to write for me. Clara and the Doctor are enjoying being the luckiest people in the universe. They throw themselves recklessly in the pursuit of adventures. We also have men in rubber suits pretending to be monsters. I think the first time I felt like Doctor Who was when they threw a rubber spider in my face and said ‘fight it.'”

Do you think Clara is running at all? “I think it’s a change of perspective. I want to eat up all of time and space and hang out with my best mate in the TARDIS. She’s a multitasker. Once you’ve seen all of time and space, how do you go back? I think it becomes addictive.”

“There’s something slightly different to [Missy] this time. What she’s been doing between last series and now is yet to be seen,” says Gomez of Missy in Series 9.

Moffat wonders why the Doctor didn’t just show people the TARDIS when they didn’t believe he was an alien. Yeah! Why is that?

Capaldi: “The Doctor’s not a GUY. But if he WAS a guy, he’d have my face and be really nice”


Moffat talks about Pertwee/Delgado and people cheer. “That’s the sound of elderly fans.”

What’s iconic about their characters? Capaldi – Eyebrows, Jenna – Eyes, Michelle – Lips.

“The question is who kissed who, and who hung on?” says Michelle. “If you play it back with Peter, you see that there’s suction there. I was holding Clara’s hand throughout.”

“I think it’s fair to say there’s not many shows where you switch the lead actor mid-scene.” Coleman on the roller coaster of going from Smith to Capaldi.

The female Doctor question: “Well, there’s no vacancy,” said Moffat. “I think I’ve made my feelings pretty clear in the context of the show,” gesturing to Gomez. “And I’m not going to reveal myself as a man today,” she added. “Well maybe I should do a drag episode just to try it out,” said Capaldi. “You totally have to have a Doctor Doubtfire episode,” said Hardwick.

Moffat says his inspiration is, believe it or not, Doctor Who. Also William Goldman and Neil Simon, but above all “The Horror of Fang Rock.”

“I think he’d like to see his granddaughter” said Capaldi on which companion the Twelfth Doctor would like to travel with again.

Character’s perfect Sunday: Gomez – “Starting with some tea and then slapping Wonder Woman in the face.” And then a Uranus joke!

“The Doctor has compassion for everyone; Sherlock has compassion for no one.”

Jenna calls her becoming a companion a happy accident. Her life changed from walking on set and do stunts. “It’s just incredible storytelling at its best. Someone described it as an imagination explosion.”

“We get plucked from this bubble in Cardiff and then we’re here,” Moffat on coming to cons.

“I showed my love for Matt by trapping him to 1,000 years in a village. That’s not a way to show affection. There’s an answer coming up in the show!” Moffat on Smith being the oldest-faced Doctor and whether Capaldi will beat him.

“Do I feel the other Doctors…inside me? Yeah, sometimes you do something and think ‘that’s very Tom or David or Jon,’ but I don’t consciously emulate them.” – Capaldi on a silly-worded question.

On coming to the show and what you weren’t expected. Peter didn’t realize the love of the series was really as big overseas (meaning here). “I get the affection for the whole 50 years pointed in my direction.” Coleman talks about how much she loves Peter Capaldi. Then he kissed her head. Awww!!!

Then reshowing the LEGO Dimensions trailer, which is AWESOME.

Nerdist is co-produced a special called Doctor Who: Doctor’s Finest airing in August on BBC America!

Thanks for reading along! Check back for more updates all SDCC long!

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