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Updated – DOCTOR WHO Pop! Vinyls Are Heading Into Time and Space

In its further attempt to have as many amazing licenses as possible, the people over at Funko Pop! released the first look at yet another of their amazing lines of vinyl figurines, for desks and shelving units everywhere. At last weekend’s Toy Fair, the company with more IP contracts than LEGO, announced, among other things, its first line of Doctor Who vinyl figures, in their inimitable black-eyed, big-headed style.

For a good first batch, Funko is offering four of the most popular Doctors, as well as three of its most famous foes, a cute thing that keeps being turned into merchandise, and even a TARDIS itself. Really, what more could you need? The first set of figures and keychains includes the Twelfth, Eleventh, Tenth, and Fourth Doctors (because Tom Baker is STILL probably the most well known of the character’s various incarnations), a golden Dalek, a newest-breed Cyberman, a Weeping Angel, an Adipose, and the time and space vehicle we all know and love. Have a look at the gallery below and set your mouths a-watering.

The regular figures are the usual 3 3/4’s inch variety, while the TARDIS is 6 inches high, meaning your Doctors can actually fit inside. I mean, it’s bigger on the inside, but not THAT much bigger. The keychains are, of course, smaller, because who wants a massive keychain? That’s really bad for your car’s ignition. Not a joke, just a fact.

All figures are available for pre-order now from various outlets, and we can only hope/assume that if these sell well, we’ll get a whole new line of more Doctors and villains in the future. A Missy perhaps?!?!

UPDATE – May 29th, 2015: All of these POP Vinyl perfections are available right now at Hot Topic stores. Vworp on over!

Let us know what you think of these figures. Will you collect the whole set?

H/T: Entertainment Earth


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  1. Elle says:

    Maybe a companion or two?

  2. Melissa says:

    And I already preordered 10, the Tardis, and the baddies. Delivery in June. Woo!!

  3. loonaboo says:

    awww, I want some companions šŸ™ they make a good doctor!

  4. Gryndyl says:

    Hey look more Pop Vinyl figures from a sci fi line and they left out the women again. Seems to be a trend with Funko. 

    • spankyduck says:

      Damn femenist

    • Piratey says:

      Are you serious? Let’s look at their Sci-Fi sets..The Firefly Series, two women. X-Files series, has Scully. Matrix has Trinity. Star Wars has two different Leia’s and a Queen Amidala. X-Men has Storm, Mystique, Phoenix and Rogue. Star Trek:TNG has Troi. Ender’s Game set has Petra. Jupiter Ascending has two figures for Jupiter. What the fuck do you want? Why don’t you cram your first world feminist problems up your ass. Boo hoo, I’m triggered because they didn’t make a Rose figure in their first release…give me a break

  5. Lyds says:

    Do we know where they’re able to be preordered?