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Could This Be DOCTOR WHO’s Next Doctor?

UPDATE: Michaela Coel has denied the rumors.

Peter Capaldi may be out, but the Doctor is always in! This past weekend, we witnessed the first stop in the farewell voyage of Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor. And that means it’s almost time for a new Doctor to take over the TARDIS. While previous Doctor Who rumors have indicated that BBC was eager to get back to the dynamic of a young male Doctor and a female companion, we’ve heard that there’s a surprising new player in the mix. Today’s Nerdist News is all about everyone’s favorite Time Lord and his potential transformation into a Time Lady!

Join host, and former President of Gallifrey, Jessica Chobot, as she shares the latest word on who the new Doctor may be. A source is fairly firm that actress Michaela Coel will be the Thirteenth Doctor, though other sources say otherwise, and the BBC themselves have said officially that no casting for Series 11 has taken place. If that’s true, however, then Coel would not only be the first female Doctor, she would be the first black Doctor as well. Coel has recently had a breakout role as the star, writer, and producer of the British TV series, Chewing Gum; which you can now catch on Netflix.

Michaela Coel in Chewing Gum

Is Coel’s potential turn as the Doctor outside of the realm of possibility? Not at all! The last few seasons of Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who run have firmly established that Time Lords and Time Ladies can swap genders and races. Back in the sixth season, we witnessed a Melody Pond’s “Mels” incarnation transform into River Song, and just last season we saw a Time Lord general go from a white male to a black female. Of course, there’s also the Master, who became Missy. Considering that John Simm is coming back as the Master later this season, we may actually witness that regeneration this time.


Like any major change to the franchise, this is bound to run into some resistance. There’s already a report in The Sun that someone at the BBC told a supposedly enraged father that the new Doctor would not be a woman. We’re not sure that we believe that story, and as for the father who said that the Doctor switching genders would “confuse” his kids, we’re thinking he’s the one that’s confused.

What do you think about Coel’s potential role as the next Doctor? Regenerate and let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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